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It’s an easy mistake to make as a homeowner, thinking any old windows will do, and that beyond aesthetic from one type to the next, there’s little difference. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

It can be a little overwhelming when you take in how much science and technology actually goes into various components of your home, including but not limited to windows. Every attribute of your house, even the seemingly only decorative features, are integral in working together to create a pleasant home and a sound investment.

Windows themselves are a critical component in letting in fresh air, sunlight, and providing safe views of the exterior from inside. Doing all of these things efficiently, without driving up energy costs, is no small feat to accomplish.

Bad windows can let heat in, or shed it, through the glass. The sealing around them and in their frames can be imperfect, letting heat and cold out through air leaks. The latches, tracks, and fixtures can be subpar, making them a nightmare to open, close or clean.

That said when choosing your windows either as replacements or for a newly-built home, be sure to choose a manufacturer that guarantees modern technology and a certain quality.

At JDT Construction, we recommend Viwinco windows, and we’d love to tell you why that is.

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What are Viwinco Windows?

Viwinco is a highly respected designer and manufacturer of windows with a long history of excellence and innovation. Viwinco puts modern thermodynamics, material sciences and yes, artistic design to the test, combining them to create quality windows that look like they belong on the homes of the wealthy and elite.

Viwinco sets the bar in efficiency, diversity, beauty, and durability. Viwinco is somewhat selective of the companies with whom they work, so we’re very proud of the fact we’re within that fold at JDT.

Why Choose Viwinco Windows?

Your windows directly impact your home’s resale value and curb appeal in the same way roofs, siding or landscaping can. Shoddy, unappealing or damaged windows damage your resale value in ways that are hard to imagine until experienced. Contrarily, though, a reputable brand like Viwinco can improve your resale value significantly, making them a very sound investment rather than an expense.

Along with this, Viwinco has excellent warranties which cover the rare damage during installation, shipping, or the exceptionally unlikely defect. They’ve also got you covered in the case of property damage or natural disasters. You know Viwinco’s got you covered not just with quality, but reliability as well.

Viwinco windows are also very, very efficient in many ways, though we’ll look more at that in just a moment. You do have a choice with windows, and Viwinco isn’t the only prestigious brand worth looking at, but they have experience, customer service acumen and diversity of product that few of their competitors can actually boast.

Why choose Viwinco? Because as a homeowner, you accept nothing short of the absolute very best for your house.

Viwinco Replacement Window Benefits

The biggest benefit that any modern, high-tech window can bring to you is the gigantic boost of energy savings that they can provide. A problem with windows is that they have a tendency to conduct heat and cold. This isn’t always due to broken seals or broken framing – the glass itself can be a problem.

Have you ever touched a window in the winter, and noticed that the glass feels as frigid as the air outside? This is because glass, by itself, conducts heat. It absorbs heat indoors, and radiates it through the other side out into the winter. The opposite happens in summer, the glass conducting the outside heat into the house.

Viwinco’s engineering utilizes a barrier technology wherein there are two panels of glass with a small space between them. This space is filled with argon gas, or a mix of argon and other gases, which stop the transmission of heat significantly. Any transparent surface will still have some heat bleed, but Viwinco’s designs keep it to an absolute minimum.

Viwinco Window Types

Along with excellent efficiency, another big benefit is the wide variety of products that Viwinco produces, all to the high-tech and high-quality standards we’ve discussed above. There are too many to discuss at length here, so we’ll touch on some of their more signature products.

  • Cambridge Style – Cambridge style windows bring a classic, old world feel to a home, very timeless and very durably built. Viwinco offers a wide range of form factors in this classic style.
  • Edgemont – If you’re looking for an organic but modern look, Viwinco’s Edgemont replacement windows offer just that, and they do it well. While there are fewer varieties in this department, you’re bound to find one that meets your fancy.

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These are just a couple of the signature varieties offered by this company, along with awning windows, picture/bay windows, sliding glass doors, and much more. To learn more about Viwinco’s fantastic products, fill out our contact form today.

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