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When you think of the popular architecture of tropical and desert climates, you naturally envision this pairing first and foremost – stucco and clay tile roofs. Both of these materials have their charms, and as a result, you’re beginning to see clay tile roofs appear all over the place.

There’s something surreal about seeing clay tile roofs on houses surrounded by pine forests, with snow-capped mountains in the background. And yet, this is happening more and more. So, if you chose clay tile for your last roof installation, and you live somewhere temperate or outright cold, you’re not the outlier you might think.

Clay tile has its advantages, above and beyond just being an attractive and expressive approach to roofs. Of course, it does have its disadvantages in some climates, which is why, in the past, traditional materials like cedar shake, slate, and asphalt shingles were more common outside desert and tropical climates until recently.

You need the best roofing contractor you can find, to install and/or repair a clay tile roof. Not just any roofing contractor is suited to handle this unique material, but fortunately, JDT is more than able to handle this, or any other type of roof you might desire.

Why Choose a Terracotta Roof

Clay tile has a certain personality associated with its aesthetic, and it’s somewhat timeless, never really going out of fashion. Its neutral color pairs with just about any type of brick, siding or another external facing, and can look good on a surprisingly diverse number of home styles as well.

Above and beyond the aesthetic, this tile is probably the most resistant roofing material, when it comes to rain. If you live in a place with a lot of precipitation, you’re far less likely to encounter leaks and other water damage with a clay tile roof that’s regularly inspected and maintained.

Advantages of Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tile roofs have a considerable amount of benefits, compared to other roofing materials, though that doesn’t mean they’re the end-all solution for every roof in the world. This material is, as we said a moment ago, surprisingly resistant to rain and water pooling, but also to wind damage, being heavy enough to not blow away, while being light enough to not damage your structure under their weight.

They also have significant longevity, which is something we’ll delve a bit more into in a moment. One of their biggest advantages is they’re environmentally sound in several ways. They’re excellent insulators, blocking a lot of midday heat, while also helping to trap climate control in the house much more efficiently. This reduces power costs while helping to keep your home comfortable year-round.

They’re also produced from renewable resources – clay is not an environmentally-damaging material to produce, use, nor recycle.
Also, these tiles are incredibly resistant to severe weather, standing up against hale, strong winds, torrential downpours, and even fallen limbs within reason. If a few of them do break under the influence of the latter, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to replace them than with other materials, due to their very modular nature.

Finally, clay tiles are, as we said earlier, a very timeless look with a lot of personality. Numerous other roofing types tend to come and go from popularity over the years, which can result in a house looking dated. Your two real choices for a timeless look are cliché asphalt shingles, which are fine if boring, or something with elegance and panache like clay tile. Really, if a little aesthetic zest matters – and it should as your home is a work of art – clay tile seems like a somewhat obvious choice.

Terracotta Roof Life Expectancy

With proper care, clay roof tiles can last an incredibly long time. There are buildings existing today with clay tile roofs upwards of 100 years old that have yet to be replaced. While that’s on the higher end, you can easily expect your clay tiles to last 50 years or more with proper maintenance. As the manufacturing and materials processes improve, this is only going to increase in the coming years. There really aren’t many other materials that consistently last quite this long.

Naturally, this long lifespan is with proper installation and maintenance. Neglected tile can suffer problems such as moss, silt buildup and other problems which can shorten that lifespan significantly if left unchecked. Given how easy this tile is to clean, though, you shouldn’t find yourself having difficulty taking proper care of this roof under most circumstances.

Why Choose JDT Construction

At JDT, we’ve repaired and installed pretty much every type of roof there is. We’ve seen every type of damage and cause thereof that you can imagine. By choosing JDT Construction, you’re harnessing decades of experience to ensure the best clay tile roof installation or repair that money can buy – without bankrupting yourself to do it.

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