At JDT Construction, we have a passion for roofing unmatched by most. We see the true importance of your roof not just on a practical level – protecting your home from the elements – but also as the element that ties together the work of art that is your house.

We understand that, as a homeowner, you’re not just looking for a durable, practical roofing material, but one that provides real beauty that mixes well with the overall theme and style of your home.

This is why we offer many of the leading top-tier brands of shingles, such as Tamko. Tamko architectural shingles and Tamko roofing shingles are regarded as being among the very best out there, and we’re happy to talk about why that is.

Express Yourself with Tamko

Tamko products are regarded as being among the best in the industry. With nearly a century of experience and evolution, Tamko remains on the cutting edge when it comes to roofing material technologies. They’ve perfected the perfect blend of modern material science and elegant aesthetics, so there’s no need to ever compromise between practicality and beauty.

On top of this, Tamko shingles, despite their excellent look and quality, are remarkably affordable, which means you can maximize practicality, self-expression, and value across the board. At JDT, these are sensibilities we more than stand behind!

StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles

These magnificent shingles epitomize the amazing things that Tamko can do with modern materials. At first glance, you absolutely wouldn’t believe that these energy star-qualified shingles aren’t actual slate. Even upon close inspection, they’d fool you for quite a bit.

These are available in a wide range of neutral or vibrant colors that compliment your house splendidly. There’s something timeless and warm about slate shingles, but they’re just not that practical or affordable. Tamko has found a way to bring that natural, earthy charm to you with all the practicality and affordability of standard shingles.

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AstonWood Steel Shingles

Similar to the StoneCrest shingles, you wouldn’t believe these aren’t real cedar, even at initial close inspection. They come in similar neutral and vibrant colors, capturing that distinct, organic look with energy star, environmentally-sound materials. Would you have believed steel singles could be indistinguishable from that, oh so unique cedar look? Believe it, thanks to Tamko’s bleeding edge technology.

MetalWorks StoneCrest Tile Steel Shingles

Looking for that sleek, modern vibe that only tile shingles can really pull off? Not looking forward to the fragility and expense that comes with this kind of look? Well, look no further than Tamko’s steel equivalent. Like their other steel shingle lines, you can’t tell these aren’t tile, even at pretty close inspection. From the ground? You’ll never be able to tell. Durable, attractive, and running a range of three attractive gray tones, you can achieve the modern feel you’ve been dreaming of, with none of the downsides.

It’s also worth noting that during rain, these sound absolutely amazing, almost like tin roofs of the old days, but with a deeper, richer tone. This wasn’t a designed feature, but it’s quite enchanting nonetheless.

These lack the fragile nature of some tile shingles, and won’t promote moss or mold growth either. You can get the best features of tile, without any of the annoyance or severe cost. Tamko and JDT can make this happen.

Heritage Vintage Laminated Asphalt Shingles

Love the classic look of asphalt shingles? Tamko’s laminated shingles can provide a 20-year full start, wit ha 50-year limited warranty. Available in rich earth tones with beautiful grain, these redefine the aesthetic capabilities of classic asphalt shingles in ways you would never have expected.

The lamination provides extra durability and resistance against UV damage and severe weather, as well as stronger durability against things like hale and ice dams. These are great for places with varied climate or especially harsh summers, and provide an excellent extra measure of insulation as well.

JDT asks you to rethink asphalt shingles, with Tamko’s technology in mind.

Heritage Premium Shingles

Another gorgeous take on asphalt shingles, these fiberglass-reinforced materials capture a traditional, hand-crafted look with the random-cut sawtooth design. Their wood shake look and shadow-tone dimensionality really is splendid to look at.

With a 50-year limited warranty/arbitration agreement, Tamko Mastercraft Limited Warranty Enhancement eligibility, 20-year full start, and 10-year algae cleaning warranty, these are a very, very sound investment that looks good while being practical.

Heritage Weathered Wood Shingles

Similar to the premium shingles, these add something of a “living” touch to your roof, with their wood-shake appearance and enhanced dimensionality. Their weathered appearance adds something of elegant age and wisdom to the look of your home that can’t really be done with other materials.

They have a 30-year limited warranty, a full-start period, and a 10-year algae warranty, making them another example of how Tamko shingles can bring beauty and sound investment together with no compromise.

Elite Glass-Seal 3-Tab Shingles

Now, these are one of the more unique looks that’ve become popular in recent years. Looking, if nothing else, like immaculate brick and mason work, these vivid, grid-style shingles are a sight to behold indeed.

With the 3-tab design, they provide an extra seal against heavy rain and other elements, while keeping the cost of maintenance and installation down significantly. These are a real conversation starter for someone who wants their home to express some artistic flair, while not driving the price sky high.

These are definitely worth considering if you’re bored of the same old roofing styles. JDT wants your roof to be a work of art, and this is one way we can make it happen, harnessing Tamko’s outstanding quality and diversity.

Choose JDT Construction to Install Your Tamko Roof

At JDT Construction, we’ve got decades of experience in roofing repair and replacement. We can install your roof quickly, safely, and properly every time, with no compromise nor corners cut. Tamko won’t work this closely with just any contractors, and we’re humbled and proud to be among the few whom can claim this honor. Don’t settle for second best, let us install your Tamko architectural shingles or Tamko roofing shingles.

Why wait? Fill out our contact form or call us today for a no-obligation assessment and quote for your beautiful, new Tamko roof.

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