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As a homeowner, you probably realize to some extent just how much your home says about you. It reflects your standards of quality, standards of upkeep, and shows who you truly are by your taste in the décor and materials with which you surround yourself.

On top of this, you’re more than aware that your home is an investment, and even if it’s your forever house, you’d settle for nothing but the best to ensure it appreciates in value. However, a lot of people tend to cut corners with two components that they absolutely should not – windows and doors.

It’s an easy mistake to make, given how much more emphasis many companies put on siding and the roof (which are also critically important). But windows and doors have a serious impact on your resale value and your energy efficiency along with aesthetics. This is why you want the best doors and windows, installed by the best company. You want Simonton windows and doors installed by JDT Construction.

Why Choose Simonton Replacement Windows?

Windows have a lot of challenges to face. They have to be perfectly clear to let in light, but at the same time, they have to stand up against the demands of weather and be safe, secure and durable. This is a lot to achieve simultaneously, and only a few companies can boast that they succeed.

Simonton is one of these few, providing some of the best vinyl windows available in the market. With Simonton, you can have absolute beauty while also enjoying durability, safety, and energy efficiency that’s unmatched in the industry.

At JDT, we highly recommend Simonton windows for just about any implementation you can think of.

Simonton Replacement Window Benefits

Simonton windows boast an Energy Star partnership, which in and of itself speaks volumes about their energy efficiency. Most homeowners know just how costly climate control is, so any measures which can be taken to reduce the impact of this utility is to be cherished.

Simonton windows are durable, withstanding the harshest weather and impacts that nature can deal, and offer unmatched security and reliability.

This efficiency and reliability serves to severely boost your resale value, and also positively impacts your homeowner’s insurance. Couple this with an industry-leading warranty and you have a truly wise investment indeed – one that practically pays for itself in time.

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Simonton Replacement Window Options

Simonton offers a nice selection of window options matching several timeless styles, one of which is sure to be perfect for your home. Their latest line, “Reflections” offers the latest technology mixed with classic styles to provide unparalleled beauty and dependability.

  • Double Hung: Simonton’s double hung windows offer their patented Lap-Lok rail system, offering an unparalleled seal and energy efficiency without making the windows difficult to operate. Mix this with triple-stepped sloping to move water quickly, and you have a classic design made modern and innovative.
  • Slider: Simonton slider windows are horizontal, offering multiple configurations with operable end vents. These are excellent for picture window replacements, and easily cleaned thanks to their lift-out sash. Interlocking stiles provide a tight seal similar to Lap-Lok, keeping nature out, and your climate control in.
  • Casement: Simonton’s casement windows are simplicity and elegance made unified. With excellent ventilation and an optional folding crank handle, they’re very easy and convenient to operate, and remarkably easy to clean.
  • Geometric: Geometric windows, available in half and quarter-round, eyebrow, circle, octagon, trapezoid, pentagon and hexagon shapes, add personality, character and life to your home.
  • Bow: Bow windows allow you to surround a space in light and create a spaciousness and liveliness to a room that plain windows just can’t produce. They’re fantastic for ventilation, and offer beautiful seat boards available in oak and birch finishes.
  • Bay: Classic old-world design in the form of bay windows has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and like bow windows, they offer an excellent spacious feeling, as well as offering fantastic ventilation.

Why Choose Simonton Entry Doors?

Doors, especially patio doors, face the same basic challenges as windows, possibly more so due to their need to be easily opened, and being very large glass components as a result. Like with windows, you can’t really afford to cut corners with these, choosing the most energy-efficient, durable, safe patio doors you can get, without compromising beauty.

Simonton makes this entirely possible, bringing the excellent engineering they’ve perfected with windows, and applying it, with no compromise, to their fantastic patio doors.

Simonton Patio Door Benefits

Another challenge faced by patio doors is the tendency for many of them to allow a lot of noise through, which can be a real problem for people living in neighborhoods with loud kids, barking dogs or a lot of heavy traffic.

If you want energy efficiency, reliability, diverse styles and peace and quiet, you absolutely want Simonton patio doors. On top of being durable and attractive, they also have unparalleled security. The roller systems are corrosion-resistant, and free of that tendency of cheaper patio doors to jam or run off their track. With easy-to-clean glass and a tough design, you may have to remind yourself to make sure it’s not closed before walking through it, they look so clear and pristine.

Simonton Patio Door Options

Patio doors aren’t as diverse in styles as windows, largely due to their practical nature, but Simonton offers two very timeless styles of door, one of which you’re sure to enjoy.

  • Classic Patio Door: The classic patio door by Simonton epitomizes a quality sliding glass door in every way. These doors glide along their tracks with ease, never sliding off or jamming like other patio doors. The keyed lock offers top-notch security, and the double-strength tempered glass is durable and unmatched in safety. Combine this with color-coordinated handles (which you can define), and a foot bolt for partial ventilation, and you have an excellent and safe entry door.
  • While not actually a patio door, swinging on a hinge, the garden door is an excellent opportunity, the grid work offering some personality and dimensionality compared to glass panels. Offering great weatherability and similar unmatched security, this is an option worth considering if a classic patio door is too plain for your tastes.

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