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In any industry, there are names that, when spoken, evoke instant and total respect. These brands are considered the first and last word in quality and advanced manufacture. When it comes to siding, there’s no arguing that one such name is Mastic.

For years, Mastic has been refining the mix of art and science that goes into not just the durability and practicality of vinyl siding, but also in making it stunningly beautiful. After all, your home truly is your castle, and if it can’t be as beautiful as it is comfortable and long-lived, what’s the point, in the end.

With Mastic, you know you’re getting siding that will give your home character, curb appeal and of course, high resale value. But you also know that you’re insulated against the harshest climates, and that all of this will endure for years to come. With your home, you don’t settle for anything but the best, and when it comes to your siding, the best is called Mastic.

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What is Mastic Siding?

Mastic is a leading manufacturer of many types of siding, but their claim to fame are lines of advanced composite vinyl. Unlike old fashioned vinyl, which would in time buckle from age, temperature variation and UV exposure, Mastic’s advanced formulae are hardened against these harsh stimuli. Mastic vinyl siding has advanced insulator properties which can save a fortune in heating/cooling, while preserving integrity and color for a long period of time.

While not the cheapest materials – you do indeed get what you pay for – your savings in climate control and reduced maintenance mean these materials practically pay for themselves within half of a decade on the outset.

Advantages of Mastic Vinyl Siding

Imagine traditional vinyl siding. While it looks fine when initially installed, old-fashioned vinyl siding buckles within a few years, becomes dirty easily, gets water damage, fades as the sun bombards it with UV. It becomes an ongoing expense to maintain, repair, and replace sections of old-fashioned siding. On top of this, it requires tremendous amounts of insulation layers and tight wall construction that means a major overhaul for older homes, for your modern climate control to be effective.
Now, imagine a vinyl that’s a million light years beyond this. A vinyl that has inherent insulation properties that reduce the layers needed in walls, that doesn’t buckle even in the face of wind storms, that doesn’t fade for decades, that cleans off with a simple garden hose. Imagine vinyl siding that can look like any material out there, from board and shake, to stucco or earth.
What you’re imagining is real vinyl siding, available thanks to the brilliance and quality of Mastic.

Popular Lines of Mastic Siding

Mastic has a wide range of product lines, having made it their mission to be as diverse in form factor and aesthetic as possible. They boast the widest, most diverse range of styles and materials out there, not just limiting themselves to vinyl (though they’ve truly mastered vinyl like no other). There are too many products to list here, but we’d like to take a moment to point out some of their most fantastic and popular lines here. We’re confident you’ll adore one of these.

Quest® Premium Vinyl Siding

Quest is Mastic’s flagship line of “plain” vinyl siding, though there’s really nothing plain about it. This lap siding is gorgeous, with a subtle but organic texture that adds a liveliness to your home, reduces glare, and resists dirt.
This vinyl siding stands up against the most vicious winds and harshest temperatures. Available in 18 standard colors as well as another 18 premium colors, you’ll find one that truly perfectly accents your home, and lets you express yourself.

Mastic Ovation Siding

If you’re looking for something with a little bit more additional personality, consider Ovation, which has a distinct slight wood texture, taking the old-fashioned look of classic wood-patterned siding, and adding luminous colors with lasting durability. Take the quality of Quest, and add just that little bit more character.

Structure® Insulted Vinyl Siding

Sometimes you need stronger insulation, not just against the elements, but noise pollution as well. If you live in a busy area, near an airport, or just have loud neighbors, it can be maddening being unable to find true peace and quiet in your own home.
Structure® siding aims to solve this problem, utilizing a consistent 1.25” thick blanket of siding, along with advanced polymer technologies to dampen sound as well as help fight these harsh temperatures. It looks just as beautiful as you would expect Mastic siding to be, too.

Cedar Discovery®

This is an example of just how advanced Mastic’s technology truly is. Cedar Discovery® siding looks indistinguishable from actual cedar shake, able to capture the minor imperfections (without being imperfect) to achieve that hand-made, old-world look.
If you want a warm, organic, inviting look to your home that’s a departure from simple modern aesthetics, you’ll love Cedar Discovery, with its 18 standard color options and 25 premium colors.

Board & Batten Designer Series™

Looking for something a bit different, in line with the revival of mid-century design? Consider the beautiful Board & Batten Designer™ series of siding, indistinguishable from vertical wooden board of the highest caliber. From a distance, you’d swear the best lumber in the world went into finishing your exterior, with 13 standard colors and 9 premium colors to match your tastes no matter what.

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