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Any homeowner knows that the exterior materials they choose have a lasting impact on many things. Not only does the durability and the quality of these materials impact your curb appeal and your resale value, but many are also crucial in protecting and fortifying your home against the elements and nature’s fierce aggression.

Siding, fascia, and trim do help provide a personality and look for your home, but they also help provide a seal to keep the insulation intact, and to prevent water damage and subsequent black mold. If any of this fails badly enough, your home could even be condemned from the extent of structural decay and extent of water damage, and nobody wants this.

Mastic has been an established name in home exterior materials, covering roofing, siding, facia, trim, and much more, pushing the limits of material sciences and manufacturing. With Mastic, you know you’re getting the latest in technologies that are environmentally sound, contributory to resale value, and long-lasting. 

The latest in their line of modern marvels is the LP Smartside line of materials, which we’ll look at today.

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What is LP Smartside?

LP Smartside is Mastic’s latest line of innovative home exterior materials, covering everything from trim to siding and everything in between. Using advanced materials and manufacturing processes, these green materials last for a very long time, require minimal maintenance, and look downright beautiful.

Mastic has mastered the ability to mold these materials into any number of styles and shapes, with countless, rich color schema that can add distinct personality to any home.

What is LP Smartside Made Of?

LP Smartside materials utilize wood fiber, composite polymers, and a specialized sealing wax that can withstand the harshest climates and still look practically new. Advanced machinery and engineering goes into the production of LP Smartside, much of the formulation behind the polymers and wax being obvious industrial secrets of course.

It’s safe to say that LP Smartside materials are environmentally sound, producing little emissions in their manufacture as well as once installed, being mostly organic or synthesized organic compounds. Even the wood used reduces the amount of deforestation by taking advantage of byproducts from other woodworking processes.

Advantages of LP Smartside

LP Smartside has a host of advantages, including the previously-mentioned green nature of their ingredients and their processes. Furthermore, they withstand temperature and weather extremes that few other organic exterior products can, offering longevity and durability unmatched even by advanced, wasteful synthetics offered by other companies out there.

They resist mold and moss, and are very easy to clean, meaning that you have a beautiful home you’re not waging war to maintain, and this makes everyone happy. Furthermore, given their process, a variety of styles and looks can be achieved, often much more affordably and practically than the materials and looks they mimic.

Popular Lines of LP Smartside

LP Smartside is available in a wide array of specific lines, based on aesthetics and implementations with heritage in older construction styles and processes. One of the most popular lines is Cedar Discovery ®, which we’ll be talking about shortly in further detail, which is a beautiful, expensive-looking style that’s quite breathtaking.

However, the many different styles of different components lend to mixing and matching styles of fascia, trim and siding to create unique, beautiful homes that make a decided impression, with wonderful curb appeal and decided resale value that’s unmatched.

LP Smartside Colors

LP Smartside Colors

LP Smartside materials are available in a lot of colors, which can vary depending on the specific color within the line, though some span the entire catalog. There are in fact too many to really list here, but some of the more popular ones are softer, organic colors such as the stunning LP Khaki, the LP Country Red, and the timeless Dark Chocolate.

Advanced formulation of the materials and pigmentation result in colors that don’t fade, and always match to a digital level of precision whenever replaced or changed out. Few other materials can actually achieve this.

Lap Siding

Lap siding is one of the more traditional styles of siding, and it’s usually the image your mind’s eye will conjure when you think about the word “siding”. Unlike vinyl or wood lap siding, LP Smartside’s version is tremendously durable, expanding and contracting much less in temperature fluctuations, and standing up against harsh weather and moisture in a way few other materials can.
This lap siding line can mimic the texture and color of other, older siding styles such as wood, metal, and concrete to name just a few.

Panel Siding

Panel siding by LP Smartside is just as versatile and resistant as the lap or vertical variety, offering the same variety in material mimicry and range of luminous, rich, unfadeable colors to give your home that unique, organic, warm look you want.

Trim & Fascia

No home is complete without beautiful, distinct trim and fascia to punctuate the entire aesthetic. With LP Smartside, you have that same wide range of colors and finishes, capable of modern and classic styles, or that mix of the two so beloved in modern home design. You know it’ll last and be easily-maintained for years to come.

Cedar Discovery®

Cedar discovery is one of the hallmark products in the LP Smartside line, producing a stunning finished cedar look to your home’s exterior. Even at close inspection, it looks like new, breathtaking cedar panel or shake siding, without the susceptibility to weather and water damage, and the maintenance struggles that come with such organic wood materials.
It’s also considerably more affordable, especially in the long run. If you love the look of cedar exteriors, but don’t like the price, fragility and maintenance they bring with them, Cedar Discovery® is definitely worth a look.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is a departure from the horizontal look of lap siding, or the seamlessness of panel siding. It adds a unique charm reminiscent of stately homes from the 1980s and 1990s, which has seen a surge in popularity the past few years in home exterior finishing.

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