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Your siding is a big decision, like so many other parts of your home. Siding, along with your roof, is the first and last line of defense against the elements and living nature as well. It keeps water out, it keeps bugs out, and it keeps your climate control well-contained, thus preventing extreme power bills.

Going beyond this, it also has a very direct impact on your home’s curb appeal (and by proxy, the curb appeal of nearby homes). It also impacts your resale value, as you almost certainly are aware, having thoroughly examined the siding before buying your home. If your siding is in bad enough shape, in fact, it could even result in your home being condemned for code violations, and that’s no good.

Unfortunately, no siding lasts forever, so sooner or later, it needs to be replaced. When that time comes, choosing the best material is critical, along with picking the right contractor to handle the job correctly. 
One really good material to consider is hardboard siding, which has many benefits. 

What is Hardboard Siding?

Hardboard siding is, in essence, a type of manufactured wood siding, with all the benefits wood has to offer, but fewer of the drawbacks. Hardboard is created by mixing wood fiber with resin and compressing it very powerfully, resulting in a very strong, very durable material that’s actually considerably lighter in weight than traditional wood, or some other materials out there.

Benefits of Hardboard Siding

Hardboard siding has a lot of benefits, chief among them its affordability, compared to many other materials. Wood fiber can come from many sources and is often even a byproduct of other wood-related industries. This makes it easy to come by, and very environmentally sound due to being a waste-reductive material that doesn’t really add to deforestation.
Hardboard is also very notoriously durable and resistant to moisture, fungus and other weathering that regular wood is not while keeping the attractive look of wood or lap siding.

Hardboard also has aesthetic advantages, such as the diverse looks, colors and form factors it can take on, due to being a molded product, rather than an etched or quarried material. This means you can find a look and color that suits your tastes.

Hardboard Repairs 

When hardboard is not installed properly, it can splinter or crack in various ways. If you see damage like this, it should be repaired as soon as humanly possible, because it will begin to degrade rapidly once the structure is compromised. Other damage can occur from things like vines, moss, etc. as well. 

However, minor damage such as scratches, chips or gouges can, in fact, be repaired by using caulk, wood glue and other fillers, and perhaps a little bit of paint. The deciding factor is whether the structural integrity of the hardboard has been compromised. 

The nice thing with siding like this is that if only specific sections are damaged, they’re modular, and they can be replaced without having to remediate entire sides or sections of the structure. Compare this to some brick and metal sidings, or stucco, which have to be sectioned off, and large parts of them redone whenever a problem arises. 

Why Choose JDT Construction?

You want to choose the best contractor out there to handle your siding repair or installation, and when it comes to hardboard or really any other siding, you want JDT Construction. We have countless decades of experience working with every type of siding, from traditional organic materials, all the way up to modern synthetics and composites.

We believe in treating your home with the same reverence and respect that we would our own. We’ll complete the project quickly, without sacrificing quality, safety or reliability, for a price that you’ll feel very happy about.
We understand that projects like this are disruptive of your daily life, and that damaged siding is a stressful thing to have to worry about. You’re in good hands with JDT Construction, and that’s a promise you can take to the bank.
Don’t wait for your siding damage to become so severe that you have water damage or other, deeper structural issues. Call us today or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. This is something you absolutely cannot leave untended to for any length of time.

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