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Choosing siding can be a big decision. As a homeowner, you know just how critical your siding actually is, being one of the first lines of defense against nature and the elements. Siding helps to keep water out of your structure, and water damage is expensive to repair, and the resulting black mold is downright lethal if you’re exposed badly enough.

It helps to keep your climate control properly contained, lest your bill go through the roof, and it keeps pests and other organic things out of your home. More than that, though, it can have lasting impact on your resale value and curb appeal too. If your siding is shoddy enough, you can even wind up with your home condemned due to it being uninhabitable by code standards. This is no good, no good at all.

Given that, no matter how durable and well-installed your siding is, it eventually needs replaced, you want to choose the right siding and the right contractor to install it. This is why, as a wise homeowner, you want to choose JDT Construction to install your new brick veneer siding. 

Why Brick Veneer?

Brick is a well-loved siding material, available in countless styles, most of which are timeless, providing a classic, warm, organic personality to your home. However, traditional brick is involved, expensive, and high in maintenance.

Brick veneer is a newer approach, though not brand new at this point. Brick panels of various styles are manufactured, and installed over the shell of your home, rather than being installed one brick at a time by a mason.

The result is an attractive brick finish that mixes well with wood and vinyl siding materials for a deep, highly-dimensioned look very valued in modern takes on classic architecture. While it’s not quite as solid or durable as traditional brick, it does last a very long time, compared to other siding types, upward of a century.

Benefits of Brick Veneer

As we said, it’s much less expensive than traditional brick, being more easily installed as prefabricated panels that can be readily-installed on a home with little trouble. You couldn’t tell it from traditional brick by a close inspection, and it’s very nearly as durable as standard brick implementations as well.

One big benefit over traditional brick, aside from cost and ease of installation, is that remediation is in some ways much easier as well. Granted, if a panel is damaged, the entire panel has to be replaced usually, these panels are easily removed and reinstalled, and the overall process tends to be much less onerous overall.

Finally, brick veneer can be used to accentuate various aspects of a home, which would be difficult to do with regular brick, creating unique looks that would have been impossible before this technology came around.

Why Choose JDT Construction?

Brick veneer is a fantastic siding concept, but this is all for naught if you don’t have the right contractor install it for you. This is why you want JDT Construction, hands down. We have decades of experience working with all manner of siding, from traditional organic materials, all the way up to modern synthetics and innovative concepts. 

We believe in treating your home with the same reverence and respect as we would one of our own, and we strive to complete the project quickly while upholding our strict standards of quality, safety, and durability. We know that projects like this are disruptive and stressful if you’re living in the house while it’s going on. We’ll handle it respectfully and unobtrusively, leaving you with a home you can be proud to call your own. 

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