Siding helps immensely when it comes to increasing curb appeal on your home and making it look beautiful and inviting. We only use the best brands so that your investment stays sharp and beautiful for years to come. We fully trust siding manufacturers such as James Hardie, CertainTeed, Ply Gem, and LP Smart Side. All of our siding comes with a full 5-year guarantee!

As a responsible homeowner, you know just how important your siding is to the overall stability of your home. It may look like a cosmetic, unassuming component, but like your roof, it’s your home’s first line of defense against the ravages of nature and the elements. Your siding stands against water damage (and subsequent black mold), it keeps pests out, and it helps your home stay well-insulated, which your electric bill will be grateful for.

However, it does have even further-reaching importance. Your siding can impact your home’s curb appeal, and your resale value tremendously. If your siding is in bad enough condition, your home could run the risk of being condemned for code violations, and nobody wants that.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and that includes siding. Modern science has made it possible to create strong, durable synthetic materials that can even last the better part of a century with proper care, but if your home is more than a couple decades old, it probably doesn’t have such long-lived materials present. Sooner or later, you’re going to need to have your siding replaced. There’s no time like the present.

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At JDT Construction, we have a lot of experience with every type of siding you can imagine. We have a philosophy here, that being to treat your home with the same respect and urgency that we would our own. 

We understand that any project like this is a disruptive experience, so our skilled experts work hard to ensure that the project is completed as quickly as possible, without sacrificing any quality, safety nor standard compliance. 
We’ll install the type of siding you prefer, and with proper maintenance, it will stand for many years to come, increasing your home’s resale value, your curb appeal, and your own peace of mind. Don’t wait for your siding to degrade to the point that expensive water damage or other issues arise. Let us restore your home to like-new quality for a price you can smile about. 

Vinyl Siding Contractors 

Vinyl siding is a classic material, and probably what you picture when you think of the word “siding”. This lap material has been used for many years now, descended from older wood and aluminum materials of days past. 
Vinyl is a very durable material, capable of withstanding temperature extremes, severe moisture and quite a bit of rough weather. It’s easily-cleaned and available in a lot of different colors and styles that can even mimic textures. 

Mold generally doesn’t grow on vinyl, and moss has a difficult time taking hold as well. Being so affordable, easy to clean, and so very durable, it’s no small wonder that vinyl lap siding has long been a go-to for many homeowners. 

It also mixes well with stone or brick, to add dimension, depth, and character to a modern home. 

Stucco Siding Contractors 

Stucco has long been considered something of an “exotic” siding, being made of cement and lime, with a coat of paint. Unlike other siding styles, stucco is a solid, generally seamless medium, capable of having various decorative details placed into it while being installed. 

Most associate stucco with tropical, Mediterranean and desert regions, where it’s one of the more efficient materials for said climates. However, in recent years, it has grown in popularity in far more diverse climates and regions, becoming a common sight even in arboreal and temperate locales. 
Stucco can give your home a sense of personality and vibrance that other siding types don’t capture, and with proper maintenance, it can be a very long-lasting material indeed. 

Brick Siding Contractors 

Brick is one of the oldest types of siding, second only to wood and stone. Being one of the more diverse materials, it’s seen commonly in almost every type of classic architecture you can name and can be found in almost every culture and region of the world. 

Brick lasts a long time and is probably one of the more diverse types of siding as far as available colors and styles. It ranges from the classic red brick to modern, warmer sandstone styles that can even have dimensionality and texture. For those wanting to capture a warm, time-tested look, or blend with lap siding for a modern, personality-rich appearance, brick is a definite crowd pleaser that stands the test of time both in style and durability. 

Fiber Cement Siding Contractors 

Fiber cement siding is one of the newer, more innovative synthetic siding types out there. Made with fly ash, Portland cement and wood fiber, it can be molded to take the form of just about any other style of siding out there. It can look like wood, shake, stone, brick, and anything else in between. 

Being somewhat flexible, and very durable, the jury’s still out on just how long this novel material really lasts, as it hasn’t existed long enough to set the higher end of that range. If you want a modern material that can implement the look of other classic styles, without their maintenance problems, this is the material to go with. 

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At JDT Construction, we can install any kind of siding you want, allowing you to really express yourself and give your home an identity. Don’t wait, fill out our contact form today for a free, no-obligation estimate!

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