Siding is one of those things that people do see the importance of, but perhaps they don’t understand just how big of a decision it can truly be. Many also misunderstand what qualifies as siding, because it actually entails any exterior material covering the walls and facing. Thus, stucco, brick, stone, and traditional siding concepts are all, indeed, siding.

This means that when you’re asked to choose a siding, you have quite a lot of choices. Today, a lot of houses tend to mix siding types, combining stone or brick with panel siding of various kinds. This combination adds a lot of dimensionality and texture to a home, bringing out all the nuances, and providing a timeless look that’s super popular all over the country these days.

However, you can’t just choose your siding lightly, because it does play an important role in your home. Not unlike your roof, it works hard to keep your climate control contained. It strives to fight water damage and to keep pests out. If you end up with water damage, you have a world of hurt in store for you, because it can cause your structure to buckle. Your walls and plaster will deteriorate, and molds will begin to grow. Some of these, like black mold, are quite toxic. They may be fatal to the young, the elderly and the infirm, as well as to pets.

Shoddy, discolored or buckling siding will destroy your resale value, utterly ruin your curb appeal, and seriously cause your insurance premiums to go up. If you have bad water damage, your home can wind up condemned due to various code violations. To avoid this, you should replace your siding when its lifespan expires. When you do, you should choose very wisely, going with a brand and material that can withstand your particular climate and environment.

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is one of the most sought-after varieties of siding on the market today, made with the latest material enhancements which ensure longevity even in severe weather. LP SmartSide is one of the few lines of siding that are highly-recommended even in areas prone to severe tropical storms and blizzards, with unmatched impact resistance. The only kind of natural disaster that can take this siding out very effectively would be a volcano or wildfire, and well, what can’t these natural forces decimate?

LP SmartSide comes in a wide variety of styles and form factors. This means it’s very easy to find precisely the style and design that fits your vision for your home. Remember, your home says a lot about you, so you want to make a positive and lasting impression. Quality siding that will stand for years to come, no matter what mother nature throws at it, is a great way to achieve this.

LP SmartSide uses advanced adhesives that keep your siding in place, moisture-resistant waxes, wood decay defenses and resin-saturated overlays that stop termites in their tracks. It’s hard to imagine wood-based siding being this advanced and this tough, but prepare to be amazed, they found a way.

Excellent Warranty

LP SmartSide has a 5/50-year limited warranty. This warranty covers defects and decay within a limited period of time and is composed in a way to directly fight quality failures (something very rare thanks to their meticulous quality assurance practices). A warranty like this works very well in tandem with your homeowners’ insurance. It may, in fact, reduce your premiums or qualify you for a better, more affordable overall policy. This may vary widely from area to area, company to company of course.

The warranty itself speaks volumes about the quality of this siding, and of the faith which LP has placed in it. When looking for siding, you want something that inspires this level of confidence in the manufacturer. This way, you know you’re making a wise, long-lasting investment that will look great for a long time to come. Remember, even if this is your forever house, someone someday may inherit it.

You want to leave them something nice, not a burden to have to restore.

This is just one reason LP SmartSide is such a popular choice in the US these days.

Many Styles

LP SmartSide is available in a vast array of styles and colors. Some of them are paint ready, so if you can’t find a color you like, you can formulate your own and paint/seal it. With the enhanced bonding and overlay layering on LP SmartSide cladding, you needn’t worry about the paint fading or peeling for a very long time.

Below are just some examples of the many styles available with the LP SmartSide line, with new and innovative styles coming out seemingly every year. These options show the range and universal appeal that has earned LP SmartSide the high acclaim they have today.

  • Soffit – Soffit isn’t so much a style as it is an integral part of your home’s overall cladding, providing an underside to roof protrusions. Soffit has to be designed with airflow, durability, and visual appeal in mind. LP SmartSide has all of these covered with soffit designs to match any style of home.
  • Lap Siding – Lap siding is the traditional horizontal overlapping style that most people think of when you hear “siding” mentioned. While older implementations are considered less than appealing today, modern lap siding can have fantastic texturing and coloring. These are intended to compliment stone, stucco, or brick, providing a timeless and stunning look.
  • Shingles – These add probably the most texture to your home, with an old-world charm that can look rough cut like shake, or precise and smooth like old-style Victorian cladding. These add a warm, organic energy to your home that leaves a real impression.
  • Panel/Vertical Siding – Panel and vertical siding were trendy in the late 70s and the 1980s (accompanying the brief boom in split-level houses). In the past few years, especially in colder climates, they’re coming back due to their excellent insulative capacity, nostalgic look, and variety of combinations.

LP SmartSide epitomizes non-synthetic siding and sets a high bar for any competition. To learn more about it and siding in general, fill out our contact form today.