At JDT Construction, we spend a lot of time talking about how important some aspects of your house are. One of the ones we emphasize often is your roof, and yes, it is probably the most singularly-important part of your home. But, there are others that are also direly important, and a lot of people overlook them.

Windows are one such example of something that people overlook to their misfortune often enough. Many modern generations are less into a lot of sunlit space, their indoor-focused upbringing and lifestyle making them more inclined to dim or otherwise reduced light. This causes them to ignore the state of their windows (unless something major is wrong), due to their desire to often block them off with blinds, curtains or by other means.

The problem is that, if your windows are subpar or otherwise compromised, you’re going to still have problems. Windows’ biggest problem is their tendency to conduct heat because glass just does that. If you touch a window in winter, it feels like ice, if you touch one in summer, it feels like a stove burner. This is a result of that heat conductivity.

Better replacement windows abate this problem by using multiple panes of glass, with some inert gas between them (usually krypton or argon). These gasses are harmless, but they don’t conduct heat very well, reducing that problem of heat intake or loss significantly, without compromising the transparency of the said window.

Another concern is the durability of the glass. High-impact is a concern, because even if the weather is gentle where you live, things can still hit windows, such as fallen limbs, thrown rocks, birds hitting them, even freak hail storms. This is something most replacement windows hold up quite well, with severe impacts possibly cracking them, but it taking quite a bit of force to actually break through them.

So, if your windows aren’t holding up to these efficiencies, then it may be time to replace them. The question is if you have old or shabby windows, should you just replace all of them at once, aside from the ones that have been more recently replaced already?

The answer is yes because it has a number of benefits as well as being something more cost effective in the long run. But, why and how does this save you trouble? Let’s learn a little bit about window criteria, and you’ll see that being a one-at-a-time thing is unideal for them.

Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is directly impacted by windows, at least the ones up front and to the sides where they can be seen anywhere aside from the back yard. Your curb appeal is something that impacts an impression of you, as your home is your domain where you’re your true self.

Thus, replacing old and subpar windows in one fell swoop for the benefit of drastically increasing your curb appeal and your resale value very quickly. This also ensures no mismatching or other problems that could come from incremental replacements.


This is where things can get more complicated, in how they’re hung and designed. The location of your window is a parallel variable to go with this one, as is ease of maintenance and how much wind it’s exposed to.

A prime example is going to be making sure that wind-swept faces that you may use for evacuation, should have double-hung windows. These slide on tracks, but also swivel inward for ease of maintenance and you can easily get out through such a window.

Gravity and the verticality of these also makes them much more durable against strong winds, and they’re very hard to break in through when locked.

Smaller windows (awning windows especially) need to be thicker, more sturdy, and not as easily-opened, as well as higher up off the ground.

Casements and large picture windows conversely, you must focus on their impact resistance and a higher level of impact resistance, but you don’t want to open these often, that’s not what they’re usually intended for.

Single Window Costs

A single window is an expensive purchase, and having it installed tends to be pricier, because it’s arranging the use of professional skills and shipment requisitions for a single action. This drives up the price per unit of everything, and will result in your windows being of various ages, and the uniformity of the age of a feature of your home being compromised.

Thus, you’ll be all the time, over the years, maintaining and/or replacing individual windows at a marked-up cost, though it’ll still be overall smaller than multiple windows – which is a deceptive thing.

Multiple Window Costs

Conversely, multiple windows may be a higher up-front cost, due to ordering a lot of windows, and the project being bigger. But, if you itemize the various expenses, individual per-unit costs are much lower, not unlike any other scalable project over cost concept.

On top of this, the windows wind up all being under a simultaneous warranty, maintenance and installation record, and so forth. This gives you more total coverage and reliability with your windows as a whole – and this is exactly why a multiple window replacement project is going to be a more efficient choice across the board most of the time.

However, if you didn’t install your current windows, you’ll want to have them looked at, to determine if some are worth keeping, and merely being re-framed or something similar – no sense in wasting good materials if you already have them. A good contractor will see to this ideal being upheld.

Your Contractor

Some people can install windows themselves, and yes, you can learn to do passable jobs of this through online tutorials or books. However, with something this critical, you will want to have skilled, experienced experts handle the task at hand.

At JDT Construction, we have many years of experience, which lend to installing the best windows, with the proper care, for maximum beauty and durability. We’ll give you a true downlow on your window situation, and we won’t fix what isn’t broken!

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