At JDT, we spend a lot of time extolling how important certain parts of your home are. One of the ones we spend the most time on is the roof, for obvious reasons, followed by your siding. But there are other components that are also critically important, and if you develop problems with them, you could suffer some serious problems as well, albeit with different symptoms.

Windows are something we’d consider an underrated aspect of your home. They seem like just “glass-covered holes in walls”, and current new adult generations are often put off by them, being a generation drawn to dark or dimly-lit environments. This has led to a lot of said generation cutting corners with their window choices, with a plan to block many of them off anyhow.

If you’re not a fan of a lot of sun, that’s fair, blocking them off is an option. But, skimping on your window installation or replacement is still a fool’s errand – they will bring you a host of problems.

The problem with windows is, they’re transparent, allowing light energy through. This means that they have to use crystalline materials (advanced glass formulae) to achieve this, and there’s an issue there. Have you ever touched a window pane in winter? It’s like touching ice, right? Despite the presence of your toasty heat indoors.

Likewise, you’ve touched one in midsummer, and it’s almost like touching a stove burner. Glass is a thermal conductor, transferring heat to the side of the window where there’s less of it. However, you’ve surely also noticed windows that don’t have this problem – these are better quality windows, implementing some newer technologies intended to effectively combat this heat transfer. We’ll discuss that more at length momentarily.

Another issue flimsy windows can have is, the seals and mounting around them can develop air leaks, and let moisture in. They’re also a concern for evacuation if a fire or other incident happened, and a concern for security, as they’re often the way intruders and pests alike, seek entrance into your home.

So, you undoubtedly will need to replace your windows eventually. This can be a costly endeavor, but if you know what to look for, you can do this properly without breaking the bank.
Ultimately, getting this done affordably but properly is all about knowing the materials that’re available, and which ones suit what budget and needs. This goes for your frame, and your window shape as well.

Frame Materials

There are actually a whole host of different frame materials available these days, but the most commonplace ones are wood, vinyl and composite. Traditionally, the latter two were compromises of aesthetics in favor of durability and affordability.

The problem with wood is that it is expensive, and it is also the most fragile of the frame materials.

Today, composite frames are probably the best, and their manufacturing process allows them to look like other materials, including wood. Fiberglass materials can also accomplish this, which some composites do contain.

If you live in a consistent climate, you can get away with wood, but in most places with varied weather, these can start to have problems, and you’ll be wanting to consider a manufactured material.

Glass Materials

Formulations of glass are consistent these days, though their finishing and layering can vary. Glass made to withstand greater impacts is increasingly common, and you will want to seek high impact glass. Wind storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and would-be intruders will all be things risking a break of the glass, rather than more advanced breakdown.

The bigger problem, though, is that whole problem of glass conducting heat. Multi-pane glass can reduce this to a minuscule level, by having two or more layers of glass panels, the spaces suspended in krypton or argon gas – harmless, inert gasses that don’t conduct heat, but do conduct light through.

Three pane glass is expensive, but two-pane designs from modern, reputable manufacturers can usually be pretty sufficient, making them an affordable but very reliable choice.

Your Installer

You want to choose the right contractor to install your windows, one who offers you a good value for great expertise. This is why you come to JDT Construction for this project, because we have decades of experience installing all kinds of windows in all kinds of buildings. We’ll provide outstanding quality for a price you can be happy about.

Window Type

This is where things get a little more complicated. It’s not just about wood or manufactured frames, or two or three pane glass. No, you also have to choose the right types of windows for your aesthetic, climate and budget.

Truth be told, there are entirely too many varieties to go into a lot of detail here, but we can look at a few of the most common ones, and outline their pros and cons.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are very commonplace, being a top and bottom pane of glass. The bottom slides up and down on a track, sometimes the top one does too, though rarely. However, the most convenient aspect of these is that they can both come out at an angle, inward, for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Double-hung windows are very good for windy climates, as they’re flush and secure, gravity strengthening their resolve.

Awning Windows

These vary, some being made of slats of glass (this is less common now), some just propping open at an outward or inward angle. Awning windows tend to be smaller, and can sometimes be a nuisance to maintain. However, cleaning them is easy, and they do have strong wind resistance, and tend to be very secure.


Casement windows also vary, but there are a lot of sliding track horizontal windows in this category among other things. These can vary in size, and even can be used in series to fill a picture window base, depending on how it’s hung.

Casement windows have to work harder at security, because many of these can be possible to jimmy open, though modern designs have changed that a lot.

These are just a few of the window types out there – if you’re sure on your material and glass, fill out our contact form today, and we’ll work with you to choose the style(s) that’s right for you!