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Improving efficiency, new windows will increase your comfort and convenience, especially if your home still has single pane windows or if your windows are drafty and hard to operate. Many replacement window options can be installed without damaging surrounding walls or window trim. Styles include casement, awning, sliding, push-out, and double hung, with a variety of feature options including interior shades and specialty woods and cladding. Our fiberglass, vinyl, or wood window systems come in several classic and modern styles.

Material Partnerships – Marvin, Paradigm, Viwinco, Anderson

Double Hung Windows


Double-hung replacement windows are the most common window found in homes today. They are typically associated with traditional designs, but can be used in a multitude of different design scenarios. These windows are available in various sizes and grid options that allow a home to take on nearly any type of personality desired.

Casement Windows

Casement_Windows-270x300Casement windows are another popular option for homes all across America. They are particularly popular in designs that call for low profile, tall slender windows. Because Casement windows open outward, they provide a level of control over how much ventilation is achieved. Just need a little fresh air, crack the window just a few inches. Want to feel like you are part of nature, open the Casement window a full 90 degrees and there will be nothing but a screen from top to bottom between you and the outside.

Sliding Windows


Sliding windows often referred to as a Slider or Gliding Window, is similar to a Double Hung in its operation. Only instead of sliding vertically, it slides horizontally – left and right. Horizontal Sliders are typically found in applications where the design calls for tall, slender windows. They are also common in areas where the home owner may struggle in reaching to lift or close the window – like above a kitchen sink or soaking tub.


Picture Windows

LAS-Home-Fixed-WindowA Picture Windows primary function is to provide natural light and views. It is inoperable, which means it cannot be opened without being broken. But that does not mean it has any less a role to play than other windows in your home. In fact, Picture Windows can be a very cost effective way of providing additional features to a room.

Window Walls


Create a focal point for your home using a window wall. Window wall units allow you to combine different variety, sizes and shapes to create endless configurations.