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One big mistake a lot of homeowners make is underestimating the importance of their windows. That’s not to say that people don’t value their windows, but they really overlook how important it is to choose the right windows. They underestimate the extent of science that goes into them.

The thing with homes is, many variables can impact resale value, curb appeal, and most importantly, energy efficiency. Windows impact energy efficiency in a couple ways. First, obviously, using them for sunlight in stead of artificial light is a big power save. It goes beyond that though. 

Windows can lose heat through heat conduction in the glass. They can also allow heat in through the reverse. Well-engineered windows abate this through argon insulation and double-pane glass. The glass itself is of a highly-engineered, high-tech formula itself.

JDT Construction is proud to offer the epitome of this modern window engineering – Paradigm Replacement Windows.

What are Paradigm Replacement Windows?

Paradigm windows are a high-quality replacement window engineered to offer optimal light, superb aesthetic, and excellent energy efficiency. Paradigm’s glass formula and advanced argon insulation techniques make them among the most efficient windows on the market, and for a price that most people would find very reasonable.

With windows, aesthetic is very important. They can be seen both inside and outside the house, and during daylight hours, are attention-grabbing features. Ugly, cheap-looking windows make nobody happy.

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Why Choose Paradigm Windows?

Paradigm is a highly-respected, sought after brand in the window industry, among others. They stand by a strict level of quality, sophistication, and efficiency. This means that you have a guarantee of results and benefits with Paradigm windows.

Choosing your windows can be a daunting thing to undertake, whether it’s building a house, or renovating one. Knowing you’re guaranteed a certain level of reliability and quality is a solid peace of mind you can’t put a price on.

On top of this, as we said, windows impact your home’s resale value. Installing high-quality windows from very respected manufacturers is one sure fire way to raise your resale value in pretty much any location in the country.

Lastly, their warranties are excellent, meaning if something unforeseen does happen, or a defect by some miracle does get through, you’re covered. This allows Paradigm’s quality promise to literally be one hundred percent.

Paradigm Replacement Window Benefits

As said earlier, the biggest benefit of these windows is the increase in energy efficiency. It’s impossible to overstate the extent of innovation Paradigm has brought to this. It may seem like a glass rectangle is as good as the next one, but an advanced understanding of thermodynamics and material sciences that could only exist in the twenty-first century, have shaped these to literally be windows of the future.

On top of this, they’re gorgeous windows, elegant and timeless, suiting just about any type of home and taste, bringing in warm, natural light and bringing liveliness to a home that would otherwise just not be possible.

And, given how much they improve your resale value, they’re not just a nice addition to your home, they’re a sound investment.

Paradigm Window Types

Paradigm offers a wide variety of window types to suit a multitude of needs. In each category, these windows are the top of their line, so you know you’re getting the best window of that type available.


  • Tapestry Premium Double Hung – This lattice-style double-hung window is a stylized approach to the typical sliding-pane window. However, it also brings the advantage of tilting in for both sashes for easy cleaning and offering double vent stops, allowing you to control the intake of fresh air on more pleasant days.
  • Society II – This is another double-hung window with multi-chamber sashes for optimal structural soundness. These windows are ideal for noisy neighborhoods, engineered to effectively drown out outside noises.
  • Casement – These casement windows are beautiful, with elegant lattice designs, completely washable, and offering multi-point locks. With triple weather stripping, these can keep your house warm on the coldest winter you can imagine.
  • Awning Windows – Awning windows are often looked at as the less appealing style. However, Paradigm proves these can be sleek too with their streamlined design.
  • Bay and Bow Windows – These windows are a timeless part of older style houses and neo-classical modern décor, bringing light and panoramic space to kitchens, alcoves, breakfast nooks and much more.
  • Picture Windows – Similarly, Paradigm’s picture windows bring timeless, broad light and a sense of space and warmth that no other window manufacturer can easily match.
  • Slider Windows – Slider windows can be nice due to their low profile, but so many models of them have a tendency to slide off their tracks or be stubborn. Paradigm’s elite design has accurate, precision rollers and full interlock. They also lift out for easy cleaning.

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