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When it comes to renovating your home or building your dream home from the ground up, why would you ever choose anything but the absolute best, most exquisite materials you can get? It sounds like something a budget would interfere with, but that’s an amateur excuse because many of the best brands of materials are actually much more affordable than one might initially think.

When it comes to windows, can you really put a price on quality, efficiency, safety, and beauty though? The answer is no, but thankfully, MilGard windows are remarkably affordable, and among the best windows you can get.

You can’t cut corners on windows, being a critical aspect of your aesthetic, and a major impactor upon your resale value, insurance premiums, and your energy efficiency among other things. Windows face a lot of obstacles – temperature changes, security concerns, reliability and much more. MilGard famously stands up to all of these challenges, making it all look so easy.

At JDT, we stand by MilGard windows completely, recommending them in almost all cases.

What Are MilGard Windows?

MilGard is one of the leading brands of windows in the western world, having gained a spotless reputation of quality, beauty, and durability unmatched by most other brands around. MilGard isn’t available from all providers, and at JDT, we’re proud to be one of the companies that meet and exceed MilGard’s standards across the board.

Like a chain being as strong as its weakest link, your home depends on every component standing up the trials of time, the weather and those who would challenge your privacy and safety. When you choose your windows, you’re putting your life partially in the hands of said manufacturer, and you’re in good hands with MilGard windows installed by JDT Construction. Count on it.

Why Choose MilGard Replacement Windows?

A big concern with windows is safety. Criminals and pests alike rarely attempt entry through doors, but rather through windows. This is why MilGard uses cutting edge science in the design and composition of their excellent windows, regardless of the model. They’re durable, safe and reliable in ways other windows just aren’t.

Of course, practicality is important, but beauty and experience really count too. MilGard windows come in a variety of styles that reflect the perfect marriage of absolute beauty and reliability. With MilGard, you needn’t compromise on either.

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MilGard Replacement Window Benefits

On top of their durability and beauty, MilGard windows have another tremendous benefit that people often don’t think about. Windows can make or break the energy efficiency of your home.
Have you ever noticed that many windows are frigid in the winter, or hot in the summer, even if your interior is warm and toasty, or cool and comfortable? This is because even well-sealed windows are subject to energy transfer.

Glass can conduct heat out into colder areas it contacts, and for a long time, it was assumed nothing could really be done about this. Milgard and other high-end window manufacturers wouldn’t accept this conclusion, engineering multi-pane windows with noble gases between them, ensuring energy efficiency once believed impossible.

MilGard Product Series:

MilGard offers a wide variety of beautiful styles of windows, utilizing the best of several different materials. You’re bound to find a style and composition that compliments your dream home perfectly. With MilGard, there’s never a need to settle or compromise your vision.

Tuscany Series

MilGard’s Tuscany series are their premium vinyl windows, offering a timeless straight line design that works in pretty much any style of home. With responsive, easy-to-use locks and operation, these are the vinyl windows for the homeowner who wants the absolute best in every sense of the definition.

Style Line Series

For those looking for something a bit more budget-conscious, without sacrificing beauty and quality, MilGard’s Style Line series is a perfect choice. Taking advantage of MilGard’s trade-secret vinyl formula, these may not be the most extravagant windows, but they bring the same MilGard durability, beauty and dependability as Tuscany or other products they offer.

With MilGard, you needn’t be independently wealthy to enjoy greatness in the construction of your home.

Essence Series

Essence is MilGard’s engineering magnum opus. If you love the look and feel of wood frames, but don’t want the fragility and weather-weariness that comes with it, MilGard has an answer to this quandary.

Essence combines the beauty of wood and the durability and longevity of fiberglass to produce gorgeous, organic-looking windows that’re tough as steel and elegant as old world craftsmanship.

These are also a timeless choice, fitting any style of home, adding a warmth and character that plainer window styles just don’t achieve. These are costlier than some of MilGard’s other offerings, but their beauty and durability make them absolutely worth it.
Their energy efficiency and durability mean they’ll mostly pay for themselves given enough time.

Ultra Series

If you’re not into vinyl, but also don’t want to spend quite as much as you would for Tuscany or Essence, perhaps MilGard Ultra is the choice for you. These traditional-styled windows make use of modern fiberglass, which is one of the toughest materials around.
These windows are excellent for areas with harsher weather (wind storms, frigid winters or blazing hot summers), not giving in to the thermal expansion or ravages of UV that other materials often do.
If you want durability above all else, you can have it with Ultra, and enjoy timeless and classic beauty at the same time.

Quiet Line Series

We’ve shown how excellently MilGard windows stand up to the demands of climate, but what about noise? If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of noise from barking dogs, loud children, or a lot of traffic, it can be quite maddening, can’t it?

MilGard’s Quiet Line series of triple-paned vinyl windows not only stop the bleeding of heat, but also silence the raucous outdoors so you can finally enjoy peace and quiet without having to move to the middle of nowhere.

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