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How much thought do you actually give your windows? We’re betting the answer is “not enough”, because windows sadly almost never get the amount of consideration and attention that they should.

Educated homeowners do understand most of the challenges a good window design must face, and they do understand some of the basic perils that can come from a shoddily-installed or poorly-made window.

In spite of this, though, few realize just how much of a make-or-break thing a window can actually be. Windows, like doors, roofs, and siding, have a major impact on your energy costs, your resale value and your homeowner’s insurance.

This is why, when it comes time to choose windows for your renovation or your new home, you want the best you can get, and you want them installed by the best construction service around. Unsurprisingly, you’re going to choose MI windows installed by JDT Construction.

We have decades of experience working on every type of home you can imagine, and we’ve worked with the best brands of windows on the market. We believe MI is among an elite few brands we’d be comfortable staking our own impeccable reputation on every time.

Why Choose MI Windows?

MI is one of the leading manufacturers of windows, doors and other materials, with an outstanding reputation of excellence and durability. MI has gotten the design of windows down to a mix of art and science unparalleled by any other brand.

There’s a reason you’ve heard of MI regardless of your history with home ownership or knowledge of material brands. MI offers the widest range of options for style, features, colors, glass types and frame materials around, and their outstanding warranties just reinforce their faith in their products and dedication to customer satisfaction above all else.

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MI Window Options

As said above, MI has a staggeringly vast range of options when it comes to the windows they offer, and it’s not just a bunch of cosmetic attributes either. MI understands that there’s no “ultimate window” that suits every kind of home or taste, and have dedicated themselves into making it possible to realize your vision uncompromised.

Not only can you capture the look and feel you demand for your dream home, but you can count on energy efficiency and safety unmatched in the industry. Below are just some examples of the vast range of choices MI offers.

MI Window Glass Options

Of course, the biggest space for innovation with windows is going to be in the glass composition. MI of course has a vast range of glass types and arrangements to achieve some impressive privacy, sound dampening, and energy efficiency.

  • Dual-Pane: Their dual-pane system sets the standard for combatting heat transfer, using safe insulating gas. This gas prevents the exchange of heat that single-pane glass naturally allows, keeping your home warm in the winter, and cool and comfortable in the summer.
  • Triple-Pane: For those looking for enhanced energy efficiency and noise reduction, the next step in evolution is MI’s triple-pane system, which not only keeps your climate control in check, but allows for peace and quiet even in the noisiest of locations.
  • Low-E and Low-E3: MI has created a revolutionary metal layer coating which deflects UV and prevents energy transfer even further, creating the closest to one hundred percent efficiency currently scientifically possible.
  • Krypton and Argon Gas Enhancement: These are the non-reactive, non-toxic gases offered by MI for that excellent energy efficiency in double and triple-pane glass systems.
  • Laminated Glass: Laminated glass is a diverse, rugged type of glass offering unparalleled safety and protection. Think of this as safety glass on steroids.
  • Impact Glass: For those living in areas with harsher weather (wind and hail storms), MI’s AAMA-certified impact glass can withstand just about anything a hurricane, tornado or hail storm can dish out. It famously withstood a nine-pound 2×4 fired from a canon.

MI Window Features

MI’s windows don’t just offer a myriad of top-quality glass options, but the entirety of their design is positively feature-rich.

  • Energy Star Compliance: Many people take Energy Star compliance for granted, but that shouldn’t happen. If a product is Energy Star compliant, then it’s as efficient and cost-effective as humanly possible. Are MI windows Energy Star compliant? Absolutely.
  • Impact Resistance: Windows aren’t all about light quality and energy efficiency – they must also stand up against dangerous weather. If you live in an area where hail, wind-blown debris and the like are common dangers, you can count on MI windows to stand up to just about anything.
  • Great Performance: All of MI’s excellent engineering and construction comes together for legendary performance you can count on for years to come.

MI Window Colors

MI’s windows are available in a wide array of colors, depending on the material you choose. Just as they settle for nothing but the best performance, MI will settle for only the most beautiful designs as well.

  • Extruded Colors: Solid vinyl materials are available in fadeless colors including white, adobe, almond and clay, providing timeless, neutral cool colors you will love.
  • Painted Colors: MI’s cutting-edge paint formulas don’t peel or fade, offering a range of striking colors including almond, black, bronze, clay, coca, cream, forest green and silver.
  • Laminated Colors: For something more tried, true and traditional, MI’s laminated colors offer beautiful wood grains like colonial cherry, natural oak and hillside oak. For something a bit more modern and solid, it also offers bronze and black.
  • SuperCapSR Colors: The latest in technology, SuperCapSR is available in stunning, enduring colors including black, bronze and silver.

MI Warranty Information

MI stands by their products, offering a comprehensive set of warranties covering replacement products, glass breakage, and new construction on a limited lifetime basis. While this information is too in-depth to explore closely here, their website provides a comprehensive rundown of these warranties, which set the standard for such warranties in this industry.

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