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Given the importance of your roof, you’re probably thinking long and hard about the type of material you want to use. It’s a major commitment, and the material you use has lasting consequences both in price, maintenance, and endurance against your climate.

The style and appearance of your roof says a lot about you as a person and paints a very specific personality for your home. It’s one of the biggest factors in affecting curb appeal and has a severe impact on your homes resale value.

Of course, you undoubtedly have a sense of the basic ramifications of a bad looking, or deteriorated roof. It’s prone to leaks, structural integrity compromises, etc. Did you know, though, that a bad enough roof can result in your house being condemned? That a really ugly roof can absolutely obliterate your resale value? You probably suspected as much, but now this truth is very real.

So, you want to pick a material that you can live with for a long time and one that can withstand your climate for years to come. Not only that, but you want a contractor that’s not just good at roofing in general, no, you want one that understands the material you choose on a personal level.

Your roof, like the rest of your home, is a work of art. Why trust it to an artist who doesn’t understand the canvas.
Have you considered a metal roof? When you think of metal, the first image that pops into your mind is the classic tin or steel sheet roof still used in many parts of the world, and on utility buildings pretty much everywhere.

This is not the metal roof of the 21st century, not by a long shot. Modern metal roofs have come a long way, and they can look quite stunning. They actually date back almost 2000 years, with copper roofs appearing on temples and other places of importance. The many practical advantages of metal as a whole make it a very desirable material for roofing.

Why Metal Roofing

Metal is extremely efficient at deflecting sunlight and heat. This property has made it very useful for cooling computers and other sources of extreme heat since the beginning of electronics. This concept is called a heatsink, and the same concept can be applied to your home.
In other words, it’s an extremely efficient insulator, reducing the amount of work your heating and cooling has to do throughout the year. It’s also less prone to thermal expansion, making it one of the few materials that the shift between hot and cold doesn’t badly affect in the short term.

Beyond that, metal roofs produce a rather unique and dazzling aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like the way these roofs look, especially when they shimmer in the orange light of a sunset or sunrise, almost sparkling like the stars themselves. During the day, they have a gleam in contrast that no other material can produce. If you want to stand out, without doing so in a bizarre way, this is definitely the right material to go with.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Metal, as said before, is excellent for keeping your home both warm and cool throughout the year. It’s also rather affordable in the long run, due to its reduced maintenance costs and the increasing affordability of quality metal roofing materials as time goes by.
Metal can withstand severe winds of up to 140 mph, withstand the nastiest impacts harsh weather can produce and is utterly fireproof. These, alongside its heat deflection, have made it a very popular material in tropical climates where severe hurricanes and wildfires are commonplace.

Not only that, but they last a very long time. Unlike asphalt shingles, which last at most 20 years, metal panels can last upwards of 70 years, even longer with proper maintenance and no surprise disasters. Understandably, longevity is one of your priorities when choosing your roofing material, and we’re behind you 100% in that idea.

Finally, there a very environmentally sound material, easily recycled and producing almost no admissions when manufactured or disposed of. The metals used in creating these roofing materials are easily available, resulting in very little destruction in their mining and refining.

Myths about Metal Roofs

There are a number of myths regarding metal roofs, many of which have scared people away from the concept in the past. Those who have been under a sheet metal roof during the reign suspect that any metal roof will be very noisy during precipitation. The truth is, there’s usually a wooden underlay beneath a metal roof which dampens the sound significantly.

Similarly, people fear that lightning strikes will be a problem with metal roofs. It is true that metal is a conductor, but most roofs are properly grounded, and lightning has a tendency to strike the highest point. If your roof happens to be the highest point within several hundred yards, simply installing a lightning rod will prevent the roof itself from ever being struck. Besides that, the shape of the panels in the shape of the roof are not conducive to lightning strikes – it is still, of course, possible for it to happen albeit unlikely.

Finally, people fear that their metal roof will rust. This is also due to the association with older, primitive metal sheet roofs. Most of these rusted roofs are very old materials, and not properly maintained. Modern metal roofs are made of completely different materials that do not rust, even if they are scratched or otherwise damaged. Modern metal roofs can withstand severe impacts, high winds, heavy snow, you name it.

Not All Metal Roofing Contractors Are Created Equal

JDT Construction is not like other metal roofing contractors. We understand the materials above and beyond their simple installation. Our skilled technicians understand the metallurgy and science behind the material, which means that they also understand what’s going on when damage occurs, or when asked what will happen to the roof during certain whether or climatological conditions.

They can install a metal roof quickly, properly, and affordably. Don’t just let any contractor that claims they know how to install a metal roof do this, seek out the best. Seek out JDT Construction.

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