So, you’ve come to the informed conclusion that perhaps repairing your existing roof is not a practical endeavor. That’s okay, there are a host of situations where this is the case. Chief among these are significant enough damage, or your roof just being too old.

Being a wise homeowner, you don’t want to do a roof-over, you want to do a proper tear-away, and install a new roof from scratch. You understand just how important a roof really is. It’s your home’s first and last line of defense against solar radiation, inclement weather, fierce storms, pests and worst of all, water damage.

Water damage is a real monster lurking in the dark, causing your home to rot from the inside out, plaster falling away and structures weakening. Foul molds will grow, some of which can actually kill you (especially children, the elderly and pets). So, deciding you’re ready for a new roof is indeed a wise thing to do. Deciding to abstain from the cheap roof-over solution is also a wise choice on your part.
You’d think that’d be the end of the big decisions, right? You also surely have the best contractor you can get, to handle your project – JDT Construction. You know about our decades of experience, our immaculate customer reputation and our unparalleled skill and knowledge when it comes to every type of roof out there.

What other big decisions can there be, then? Well, while asphalt shingles are the default go-to, and for very good reasons, that doesn’t mean they’re the only good option. Have you considered metal roofing?

Now, don’t jump to conclusions – metal roofs of modern construction are not the flimsy, thin tin or aluminum roofs used so commonly on barns or sheds – quite the opposite in fact. Metal roofs are a truly space age, futuristic approach to roofing, capable of some really fantastic aesthetics, and having a type of durability and cost-effectiveness that no other material can provide.

In spite of our reputation, our skill and our experience, however, we don’t expect you to just take our word for this – we wouldn’t in your shoes. So, let’s take a moment to compare metal roofing to asphalt shingles. But let’s not give the wrong impression here – this isn’t a competition. Many of you may walk away from this confident that asphalt shingles are unquestionably the choice to make, while others will be amazed at what metal can offer, and be eager to learn more about it. Either way, at JDT, we can build the roof you envision for your dream home, no matter what material you decide to go with.

What is Metal Roofing?

So, let’s demystify metal roofing a bit. As we said a moment ago, you probably think of the corrugated metal sheet roofing on barns and some shacks and sheds and other structures around the world. Well, you can use this material, but why would you want to? You in fact wouldn’t.

Metal roofing, by modern definition, is a very different experience, done in either panels or in a shingle form factor, constructed of advanced allows such as aluminum, titanium and stainless steel. This material has a number of advantages, which we’ll get more into in a moment.

This is a very resilient material, a far cry from the flimsy material most people think of, and in most cases, you wouldn’t realize you were looking at metal until you were close up to it. Let’s take some time to talk about the advantages of metal.


Where asphalt shingle was designed to break over time, to be easily replaced, metal shingles and panels are designed to withstand the abuse of the environment and endure. Metal shingles aren’t intended to be replaced often, though the job of doing so is often relatively trivial to experts trained in working with it.
Metal doesn’t fade, doesn’t really warp from temperature variations, and can stand up to very strong gusts of wind, fallen limbs, and the onslaught of hail storms without really breaking a sweat.


Metal, unsurprisingly, lasts a very long time, upwards of sixty years or more with some of the nicer materials. This also means they have a longer warranty, and rarely need replacement nor maintenance very often. Asphalt shingles, conversely, can last that long sometimes, though usually less, and the ones that do have that amount of lifespan tend to be very costly architectural shingles.


This is something that actually can work against metal – it’s not as easy to install as asphalt shingle. It’s not difficult, per se, but it’s a newer concept, requiring specific tools and specific skills. This can, with some contractors, also drive the price up due to said difficulty and allocation of skill needed.

This isn’t to say that all asphalt shingles are that easy either, though. The previously mentioned architectural shingles are also an intensive thing, requiring specific tools and specific skills as well. Really, if you’re targeting ease of installation, that does limit your choices to three-tab architectural shingle and not much else.


This is where metal really shines, pun very much intended. Metal shingles are created through molding processes, which means their shape is limited only by general rules of practicality, not material. Metal shingles can look like stone, like shake, like asphalt, really anything is possible.

Metal also provides its own unique and characteristic choices for aesthetics as well, and these are quite a bit more striking than you’d initially think. Also, color limitations don’t have to exist with metal roofing.

Final Thoughts

A couple smaller concerns with metal are, for one, it can be heavy in some applications, in which case considering shingles becomes a more serious consideration. Another is that the yare considerably more expensive initially than asphalt shingle, though their longevity and diversity really do mostly offset this.

Are you interested in metal roofing materials? We can’t blame you. Fill out our contact form today, we’d love to share our rather extensive knowledge of metal roofing materials with you.