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Marvin has been a trusted and sought after brand in windows (among other things) for decades. Homeowners make a big mistake when they underestimate just how important their windows actually are. Windows are a critical part of your home, and they have a very direct impact on your house’s curb appeal and resale value.

They also have a serious impact on your home’s energy efficiency, and only a few trusted brands have mastered technology that can provide attractive, diverse windows with a mastery of modern material sciences and thermodynamics. Marvin windows aren’t offered by all companies, as they’re justifiably selective in whom they work for.

At JDT Construction, we’re proud to offer Marvin windows and all of the fantastic benefits they offer. We’d like to take a moment to share with you the benefits of Marvin windows, how they can improve the quality and affordability of your home, and make it just a warmer, more pleasant place to live.

With Marvin, you’re guaranteed a certain level of quality they stand by one hundred percent of the time, and at JDT, we really only want to work with companies that stand by their quality like this.

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What are Marvin Windows?

Marvin is a long-trusted and sought-after brand in the window manufacturing industry, known for their reliability, diverse product line, and advanced technologies. Marvin isn’t satisfied with just high-tech, durable solutions, either. Their various designs are very attractive, offering timeless designs, modern looks and everything in between.

As said before, they’re choosy regarding which companies with which they’ll work, and we’re very proud to count ourselves among those sifted few, offering the full line of beautiful, durable Marvin windows for your new home, or for your renovation project.
The short answer to “what are Marvin windows” is “a symbol of unmatched quality”.

Why Choose Marvin Windows?

Your home isn’t just a place to live, it’s an investment. In real estate, sooner or later, markets always come around, and a home can be liquidated into very real funds if you need them. Most homes, if well-built and not in dying areas, only increase in value over time, especially if you put effort into keeping them modernized.

Windows, given they directly impact resale value, are something that can make or break your investment, just like the roof. Choosing Marvin windows is a wise investment, that improves the quality of your living space, improves curb appeal, and increases your resale value almost exponentially.

If you choose the right windows for your home’s style and atmosphere, you can use them to further solidify the aesthetic and ambiance you want your home to convey. Remember, that curb appeal is more than just bragging rights. The first impression people get of your home is a first impression they can get of you as a person, as a family, and even as a culture in some cases. You don’t get a second chance at first impressions, so choosing wisely with things like this is just common sense at the end of the day.

Marvin Replacement Window Benefits

The biggest benefit beyond the beauty and durability of Marvin windows is the technology they implement, which puts more or less of an end to a big energy problem that windows by their nature can’t help but cause.

Glass, which is what almost all windows are made of, is a thermal conductor. Put simply, they absorb heat from one side and diffuse it into the colder side. You’ll notice in winter time, that the glass in your home feels like actual ice, no matter how warm and toasty the inside of your home may be.

The opposite problem comes along in summer, letting heat in from outside. Now, this is impossible to completely prevent, as anything transparent will conduct some heat. However, the dual-panel, argon-filled window designs of Marvin and similar companies greatly abate this.

Argon conducts heat much less effectively than air, so heat has a harder time translating across both of those panes of glass, thus greatly abating the thermal radiation problem. This, in turn, lowers your heat and air conditioning costs profoundly in the hottest and coldest months of the year.

This is why spending a little extra on top quality windows is actually a financially sound thing to do in the long run.

Marvin Window Types

Marvin offers a wide range of window types, too many to list in detail here. So allow us to go over a few of their most signature lines, which illustrate the Marvin quality.

  • Corner Windows – You don’t see these that often, because while they have existed for some time, the technology to implement these safely and stable is not that easy to achieve. They look really nice.
  • Contemporary Studio – Marvin has stepped into the 21st century, bringing timeless, modern studio designs for modern homes.
  • Doors of All Sorts – Windowed doors are so in right now, people wanting more sun in their homes. Marvin brings their excellent window technology to these doors.

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