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It’s no secret in the construction sector that Marvin has quite a reputation. They’re a high-value brand, one that most businesses chomp at the bit to be able to offer. But Marvin is choosy about who they work with, and they have the privilege to be so, given the tremendous quality of their windows and other products.
Windows definitely do matter, more than people realize. It’s actually hard to point at one component of your home, and call it the hands-down most important thing. Every part of your home is important, even things that seem purely decorative, serve a purpose even if that purpose is decorative. Decorative components absolutely matter.
With windows, you have to consider not just how well they let in the light, or how easy they are to clean – oh these are important, but there’s more to a window than that. Windows can have a direct, powerful impact on your energy expenses, and they also impact your resale value and curb appeal.

At JDT, we recommend only top brands, and Marvin Integrity is one such example. Please, gives us a moment to share with you what these windows can do for you, and how they can help us meet our standards of quality when we work on your home.

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What are Marvin Integrity Windows?

Marvin is a long-celebrated brand of windows, among other products. They’re very highly sought out in this business, and for good reason. Marvin understands that there’s a lot of science to designing a good window.

Windows require an understanding of form, an understanding of physics. Only companies like Marvin can bring that to the table, preventing a number of problems windows can have. Integrity goes one step further than other Marvin windows, with a special glass formula which provides far greater tensile strength, resistance to temperature fluctuation, and a much easier to clean surface.

Why Choose Marvin Integrity Windows?

The additional benefits of the Integrity line of products all boil down to them being better suited for extremes than any other window type out there. The additional strength means that things like hail, tree branches, extreme winds and yes, intruders, are harder pressed to damage them.

This additional strength comes with the other advantages of high-end Marvin windows, providing one of the best products on the market. Marvin is proud of their Integrity windows, and they absolutely should be.

Do remember, too, that high-quality windows like these improve your resale value, vis a vis your investment in your home.

Marvin Integrity Window Benefits

Marvin Integrity windows bring three main big benefits to your house beyond your investment advantages. First of all, with all Marvin windows, you get modern technology, using argon insulation and double panes to prevent heat loss or heat absorption. This is the result of the glass being transparent, and thus a heat conductor. Notice how cold windows are in winter, even if your home is well-heated? Notice how hot they are when you’re running your air conditioning?

This argon technology prevents a lot of this heat exchange. Integrity brings an additional advantage with their durability. As we said, a broken window is never pleasant, and Integrity windows are not easy to break. They’re based on safety glass technology, and even then, they’re hard to even crack, providing safety unmatched.

Finally, another thing all Marvin windows do is bring a timeless, appealing look to your home. Windows need to look nice, and windows provide opportunities to give a home character. Marvin offers a wide range of attractive window designs and implementations that accentuate this charm and personality in a variety of ways.

Marvin Integrity Window Types

Speaking of variety, Marvin Integrity offers too many types of windows to effectively list here. So, we’d like to take a moment to just go over a few signature examples that epitomize Marvin Integrity.

  • Ultrex – Ultrex is a line of extremely durable, attractive window solutions in the Integrity line, which offer timeless beauty, easy maintenance, and efficiency well exceeding Energy Star compliance. Ultrex will provide safety, appeal, and reliability to your home.
  • Wood-Ultrex – Wood-Ultrex is something that you’d think impossible. Bringing the design and strength of Ultrex, these add an additional, rustic and organic feel by incorporating wood. The tensile strength of the frame is slightly reduced, but by so little that you’re unlikely to ever see consequences from this.

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