Winter weather is actually a very destructive force. Sure, people equate it to car accidents, heavy snows, and other hazards to travel. But that’s actually mild compared to what it can do to structures, especially your roof.

Your roof is your home’s first and last lines of defense is the roof. It provides a boundary between the home and harsh weather, pests and extreme temperatures. They keep water damage out, which is one of the nastiest things that can happen. Water damage degrades construction materials, and it also cultivates black mold, which can actually be lethal if overexposure occurs.

Your roof also impacts your home’s resale value, as well as its curb appeal. Your home is an investment, one you want to increase in value as you spend your years there. You do not want it to become a financial loss, it’s a disastrous experience.

How To Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

Ice Dams

Ice dams are one of the biggest, most destructive things that can happen on a roof. There’s no real way to prevent them, aside from vigilance and even that’s tentative at best. A good roof installation is designed to discourage the formation of these as much as possible, as well as endure when they do occur.

Ice dams are ice formations, often near the gutters, that block water from flowing out as ice melts and precipitation occurs. This means there are puddles of water collecting on your roof. This is not good. Water damage can begin to take hold very quickly once it finds a weakness. The weaker it becomes, the heavier that puddle becomes, and critical mass eventually occurs.

The best thing to do is attempt to mitigate ice dams by being attentive to your gutters, as well as installing gutters and so forth which are designed to discourage the phenomenon.

Gutter Damage

Gutter damage is another thing that can happen from ice dams, due to the weight they put on them. However, any ice formation can eat away at your gutters, so if you see those shiny, beautiful ice sickles decorating your home, do away with them.

Snow can also fill and weigh them down, damaging them as well.

This compromised drainage can lead to further roof damage.


Snow on a weakened roof can cause collapses of the structure as it builds up. Snow is heavy, as are water and ice. Be sure your structural integrity is always on the up and up.

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Roof Replacement

Tree Branches

Oh, these are an absolute menace. Harsh winter winds can blow limbs down, snow or ice build up can weigh them down until they break. If they’re big enough, they will practically put a crater in your roof.
This is another reason to keep major tree branches safely trimmed back to prevent these risks. Be sure you know a roofing business that can do emergency roof repair as well. If this happens, you’ll need them.

Leakage Around Features

Your roof is likely not an uninterrupted surface. There will be ventilation, there may be skylights, there may be other features like satellite dishes, aerials and much more. Thermal expansion can result in the seal around these things weakening, cold weather making it brittle. This will allow snow and rain to collect around these compromised points, and begin to leak.

As we said before, water damage is no joke. It decays your home, it weakens your structure, it breeds mold and pests. It’s just plain bad news. Be sure to regularly do maintenance on these things, keeping the seal sound and insulated.


The biggest key to combatting winter damage is proper preventative maintenance, as we’ve been showing so far. Making sure all your seals are intact, your gutters are clean and designed to discourage ice, your roof itself is in good condition, and has been inspected recently.

This goes further in affecting your choice of contractor. You, as we said, want one that offers emergency roofing services, and solid warranties to cover such things. You also want to make sure your insurance is on the up and up as well. Insurance is designed to be a safety net, for when the unexpected happens, make sure that your safety net has no holes in it.

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