Hail Damage Roof Repair

When thinking of storm damage, one usually imagines the likes of hurricanes, severe winds, tornados and other such phenomena as the prime causes. However, there is a far more insidious sort of natural menace most forget until it happens – hail. These masses of falling ice can do an insurmountable amount of damage to your roof.

Given the importance of your roof, damage like this isn’t something you want to put off addressing. Handling this sort of damage starts with finding a skilled, confident roofing company near you which can fully assess the damage, and repair it in a timely and affordable manner. In Pennsylvania, that would be JDT Construction.

What Damage Does Hail Do to Roofs?

Hail can damage essentially any part of a roof and is affected by wind speed/direction, and the size and consistency of the hailstones. These stones can range from the size of peas, all the way up to golf balls or even bigger in some cases. Understandably, if large enough, consistent hail occurs, it can do some significant damage to your roof (and other property as well).

Shingle Damage

Unsurprisingly, shingles will bear the brunt of the damage in a hail storm, and different types of shingles can show damage in a number of ways.

Signs of Asphalt Shingle Damage

Asphalt is the most common type of shingle on modern residential structures, characterized by a granular appearance. Depending on the preexisting state of your asphalt shingles, you may see some of the following damage dealt by hail:

  • Cracked/broken tabs or entirely cracked shingles.
  • Dings or dents.
  • Entirely-missing singles.
  • Loss of granules, which results in a shiny/slick appearance.

Wood shingles, which are slightly less common, will show damage in slightly different ways. Depending on the wood used, the age of the roof, and the severity of the hail, wood may or may not be more resilient against this sort of damage.

Wood shingle damage may manifest in some of the following ways:

  • Corner/Edge deterioration, which may show as fraying, splintering or cracks.
  • Splitting, which reveals an orange coloration. Splitting may also occur along the grain of the wood, which is the weakest point of the piece.
  • Wood shingles can also be dented, which will show similar orange or brown marks.
  • Wood shingles may break loose and completely slide off of the roof as well.

Pennsylvania’s Hail Damage Repair Service

While some damage dealt by hail can be very obvious, the true extent of damage dealt can be rather difficult to assess. This is where expert technicians can help by assessing the true extent of damage, the potential risks for spreading damage, and provide an accurate, honest estimate for a repair price and time.

Severe enough hail damage tends to require a partial roof replacement, if not a full one. All insurance providers require such an expert assessment for any claims filed.

Why Choose JDT Construction to Repair Your Roof?

At JDT, we’ve seen every type of roof possible at the hands of both man and nature alike. We have years of experience and expertise in repairing and replacing every type of roof imaginable. When we’re finished with your roof, it’ll be hard to believe the hail storm ever happened, and that’s our satisfaction guarantee.

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