A nice set of gutters is a great way to improve your home. Of course, your home is likely to have an existing gutter system, but many homes construction companies will not take the time or spend the money to install high-quality gutters such as those that we can provide. At JDT, we can deliver the results that you want at a price that you can afford.

    Before you decide what kind of gutters you want, you will need to think about several things. You should ask yourself the following questions:

    • What color will match my house?
    • How many feet (in total) will I need to install?
    • Which style of gutter should I choose?
    • What material would I like my gutters to be?

    The first question is an easy one, as you need only consider the color of your home. Using a different shade of the same color (i.e., light blue with dark blue) is always a safe bet. If you really want to keep it simple, just go with white or black, as they tend to go well with any other color.

    When considering how many feet of gutter material will need to be installed, you might want to give us a call at (610) 640-3742 for some helpful advice. Depending on the exact construction of your roof, you might need gutters on all four sides, or only two. If your roof has multiples ridges, you might need an extra set.

    K-Style Vs Half Round Style Gutters

    There are basically two styles of gutters from which you can choose: K-style and Half-round.

    K-Style Gutters

    K-style gutters are meant to mimic the appearance of colonial crown molding, and they are by far the most common style of gutter. They are flat on the backside so that they can lay flush against the side of your house. This makes them easier to install, as fewer brackets are required to keep them in place. They usually have a flat bottom and a curved front. They are also well-suited for homes with a steep angle to the roof. These gutters also tend to be a little cheaper, which is another reason why the majority of our clients choose the K-style gutter.

    If you go with the K-style, you can choose between seamed and seamless gutters. Seamed gutters are glued or fused together from several pieces, and this does make them a little more prone to leakage. However, they are much easier to replace because of their modular nature. This, combined with their lower cost, make seamed gutters a popular option.

    Seamless gutters are just the opposite. They are made from a single piece and are thus more resistant to leakage. They are also easier to clean since there are no seams that might burst or catch upon being scraped. You can easily scoop out the leaves with a leaf tool or your hands. They are slightly harder (and more expensive)to repair because an entire section will normally need to be replaced. This represents their only downside.

    Half-Round Gutters

    Although these are less common, half-round gutters do have some advantages to offer. These gutters look like pipes that have been cut in half. Their rounded bottoms offer a better flow of water and debris, reducing the likelihood of clogs or build-up. Many of our customers also choose these gutters because of their appearance. If your home has a lot of rounded lines and surfaces, these gutters will compliment them very well. Older homes, in particular, are more likely to use a half-round gutter.

    Gutter Materials:

    Now we come to the final question: Which material to use? We offer gutters that are made of galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper. All of them have their distinct qualities and advantages, so none of these choices will be the best for everyone. Let’s discuss these three materials and how they affect the performance of your gutters.

    Aluminum Gutters

    Aluminum gutters are the most popular gutters by far, mostly because they are a lot cheaper than steel or copper. Copper is more beautiful, and steel is stronger, but aluminum offers sufficient strength and appeal at a very reasonable cost. As a soft metal, aluminum can bend enough to absorb larger amounts of water, making them great for heavy downpours. They are lightweight, and will never rust or corrode.

    We offer aluminum gutters in a wide variety of styles and thickness options. Obviously, thicker gutters will last longer but are slightly more expensive. We also offer seamless aluminum gutters for those who want a little bit of extra security.

    Steel Gutters

    Steel gutters are easily the strongest gutters that money can buy. In case you don’t know, galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc, which gives it a shiny appearance and keeps it from rusting. When properly installed, these gutters will last for a very long time and should resist any kind of damage. These gutters are less popular than aluminum due to their higher cost, but they are the best option for those who need maximum durability. Unlike aluminum gutters, these gutters are very hard to dent.

    Copper Gutters

    Copper gutters are quite expensive but are also the most beautiful. Even when it begins to weather, copper takes on a greenish patina that many homeowners find to have an attractive and classy look. In terms of durability, copper offers quite a bit. It’s a soft metal, but it’s extremely flexible. Even if it is dented, a few blows from a hammer can easily knock it back into shape, and it’s less likely to break than aluminum.

    Even when it turns green, copper will never rust away. Copper gutters and flashings, when properly maintained, have been known to last for a hundred years or more, which helps to make them worth their cost. Also, copper is naturally immune to mold and fungus!

    Conclusion: Why Choose JDT?

    At JDT, we have the experience and professionalism that you expect. We can install any sort of gutter that you want, even if it doesn’t happen to be mentioned in this article. We believe that your dollar demands high quality, and we aim to provide just that. If you need some new gutter, or if you are thinking about replacing or improving your existing gutter system, you can start by filling out the contact form below.

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