There aren’t a lot of roofing contractors out there that can claim to be authorized dealers of GAF materials. GAF holds the contractors whom they authorize to some of the strictest standards for best practices, business practices, quality, and skill. At JDT, we’re very proud to be one such contractor, and like GAF, we’re sticklers for quality when it comes to the materials we use in our customers’ roofs.

What is the GAF Difference?

What is the GAF Difference?GAF is the manufacturer you can trust for all your roofing needs. Hear from Alison Victoria on the long history and innovative products that make up the GAF difference.

Posted by JDT Construction on Friday, November 2, 2018
We have decades of experience installing a multitude of GAF products and stand by both the quality of our work and the durability, beauty and financial sense of GAF as well. When it’s time for you to replace your roof, or install a roof on your newly-built house, GAF shingles installed by JDT Construction is objectively the right choice, no matter what.

GAF Quality

GAF has spent over 125 years perfecting the art of excellent, durable, attractive roofing materials suited for both residential and commercial applications. They’ve made it their core philosophy to work closely with and to help contractors construct the best, most long-lived roofs possible, and they have consistently succeeded.

GAF has mastered the asphalt shingle, capable of producing more styles, looks, and colors that could have once been believed possible with such a simple, classic type of shingle. Today, they offer countless varieties, each upholding the uncompromising GAF quality, and with its own distinct personality. With these shingles and JDT, you can have the roof that’s truly perfectly suited to your home and tastes, while maximizing curb appeal, and of course, the safety of your home.

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Timberline Roof Shingles

GAF Timberline shingles have become something of their signature line of roofing materials, and it’s honestly not that surprising. With a wide range of varieties, these tiles add a very fantastic texture and dimensionality to your roof that really stands out.

Timberline HD Shingles

These shingles are ideal for someone looking to bring out some unique vibrance and personality in their home, offering 14 stunning colors, some of which have never really been seen on roofs before. One would never expect hunter green or Biscayne blue roofs, but when you see them implemented, especially with the texture and contrast so unique to Timberline shingles, it’s truly breathtaking and seems so natural despite being not really seen before now.

These are shingles for houses with character and personality. You want to express yourself with your home, since it is, after all, a work of art, so why not take advantage of the real flair GAF can offer with these quality shingles?

Timberline American Harvest

These shingles offer a sense of classic Americana, with six varieties of warm earth tones to bring that subtle but attractive sense of rustic welcome so popular in modern homes today. Like most GAF shingles, these are crafted with vibrant detail and exquisite durability that means you’ll be enjoying this unique beauty and powerful curb appeal for years to come.

Even modern architecture is nicely complemented by this classic look, to provide a sense of contrast that’ll draw eyes and make your home truly memorable.

Timberline Ultra HD Shingles

These GAF Timberline shingles are a further evolution of the standard HD shingles, bringing even more vibrance and depth to the diverse colors available. These also bring enhanced durability and contrast, making them quite an ideal choice for those wishing to have a very expressive, personality-rich roof in a place where roofs need to be exceptionally durable.

These are hardened against UV too, helping to keep your house cooler, and maintaining their color no matter what kind of rough climate they may be exposed to. If you like the HD shingles, but need something hardier, then this is the solution for your home, bar none.

Designer Roofing Shingles

GAF’s Camelot Designer shingle line adds a high-dimensional sense of elegance and class to your home, bringing a feeling of a stately manor or well-aged old home. These compliment stone and brick magnificently, with several varieties to meet differing budgets and tastes.

The classic Camelot shingle comes in eight organic colors resembling traditional slate in texture, shape and hue. From a distance, you’d swear these were indeed actual slate, and even at close inspection, it would take a moment to actually spot the difference.

Camelot II Designer Shingles

These shingles bring the same textured, slate look of classic Camelot shingles, at a much more affordable price. This comes with a reduce number of colors and slightly less durability, but this is GAF we’re talking about – even reduced durability means shingles that are tough as nails.

Woodland Designer Shingles

These European-style shingles bring a very modern, cosmopolitan look to a home, working fantastically for modern architecture, or more traditional Tudor, Victorian or stone house designs that’ve been returning to popularity as well. These come in four light brown and gray shades which blend neutrally with any home exterior color scheme you might have.

Grand Sequoia Designer Shingles

If you’re looking for a classic wood shake look for your more traditional home, then these are an excellent alternative to actual wood shingles. Their natural, rugged look is indistinguishable to real wood shake shingles even at close inspection.
With six different colors available, you’ll find a vibrant choice perfect for your home, capturing that organic feel for a price you can live with, and that GAF quality and durability.

3-Tab Roofing Shingles

This variety of shingle is a somewhat newer technology, offering a much lower initial cost, and significant ease of repairs, making maintenance of them much easier in the long run. GAF’s 3-tab shingles are of an exceptional quality and can withstand greater wind speeds and harsh weather conditions than most 3-tab shingle varieties out there.

GAF Roofing Warranty

GAF is so confident in the quality of their shingles, and in the skill that their certified contractors – that’d be us here at JTD – that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on all their varieties, even the reduced-cost Camelot II line.
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