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Nowadays, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to your roof. While this can seem a bit overwhelming, it’s a good thing. Your roof is a very critical part of your house, being your first line of defense against the elements. Your roof does a lot of hard work, keeping the weather out, keeping your climate control in, and helping to protect your possessions and your home itself.

A poorly maintained, or poorly installed roof can result in lasting problems, such as water damage which can lead to mold that will ruin your entire house. If a roof isn’t up to snuff, your home might even be condemned. That the very least, a bad roof will destroy your resale value, and ruin your curb appeal.

This is why you want to choose the right material for your budget, and your maintenance capacity. You want a material that will withstand the conditions of the climate you live in, and you want this to be handled by the best possible contractor you can find.

Not all contractors are equal. While there are many capable roofing contractors out there, you really want one that understands the roof and the material involved on a close and personal level. You want people who understand the issues with roofs, and the impact the roof has on the homeowner in the long run. You need a contractor that will treat your home like their own and put just as much care and attention into your roof as they would if it belonged to them.

This is why you want JDT Construction to handle your roof, no matter what style or material you choose.

You probably haven’t considered a flat roof, because they’re just not that common on houses. There are reasons for this, but there are just as many reasons to consider going with this style of roof, and we’re happy to point them out to you.

Why Choose a Flat Roof

Flat roofs do have their advantages. While they don’t have anything really going for them as far as aesthetics – no one can even see them from anywhere but orbit – they make up for this in many ways. For one, they save you the trouble of choosing designs and styles to complement your tastes, your area, and the design of your house. They don’t need to look beautiful, which is one less concern for you to have to deal with.

The maintenance on a flat roof is incredibly easy, with any repairs being far more affordable and much faster to do. If you live in an area that doesn’t have extremely high percent rotation, these roofs are known to be the least imaginable trouble.

If you’re one to spend a lot of time upon your roof for one reason or another, they’re obviously the safest ones to walk on, thanks to no incline to contend with. However, with proper training, they also work well in tropical climates where windstorms are prevalent. It’s really hard for even powerful winds to affect a flat roof due to the lack of an angle for the wind to really get a grip on the material.

Benefits of Flat Roof Construction

Flat roofs do have a lot of benefits by way of their construction. They are the cheapest roofs money can buy, with the material costing less than a dollar a foot in most cases. This doesn’t make the materials involved anything near subpar, with most of these materials being very tough and durable. Not meeting to conform to any kind of aesthetic specifics, these materials are rolled out in sheets and can use material sciences that are otherwise limited by other styles of a roof. This means that you can get materials that are very flame retardant, very resistant to impacts, and that are very good insulators.

As said before, this also makes them very easy to repair, as damaged sheets of material can simply be pulled up and replaced at a rather quick pace. If no damage is done to the underlying paneling or insulation, repairing a flat roof can be a breeze for a properly skilled technician.

This means that they are very quick to install as well, and since we prioritize speed of installation within our quality standards, knowing what a disruption in any construction project is around your house, were rather fond of this aspect of flat roofs ourselves.

Adding to the affordability, a flat surface, compared to a pitched roof, is less area to cover. This means that fewer materials are used, and we can work even faster due to it being so much safer and less precarious. In other words, no matter what angle you approach this from, these are the easiest and most affordable roofs in the world. The nice thing is, thanks to the technology behind these materials, you’re not compromising longevity, durability or efficiency when choosing the style of roof.

It is worth noting, of course, that you will need to have very good drainage put in place if you live in an area with heavy snow or rainfall. This is the one challenge with a flat roof, and it’s why, until relatively recently, you didn’t really see these in temperate areas that much outside of commercial applications. With modern improvements in drainage and vast advances in materials, it’s now very practical to install a flat roof on a residential building.

Flat Roof Replacement Options

Our skilled technicians know the ins and outs of flat roof materials. These are one of the most cost-effective types of roofs to replace or repair, due to the nature of how they’re implemented. If it’s just superficial damage, it’s a matter of pulling up the damage sheet, and simply putting a new one down.

If the entire roof structure is severely damaged, it’s still far easier to replace a flat roof than any other type. However, if your home currently has a pitched roof, replacing it with a flat roof is something of an undertaking. Structural changes to the top of the house are extensive to accommodate this, making it a lengthy, and unavoidably expensive process in some cases.

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At JDT Construction, we have decades of experience working with every type of roof, including flat roofs. We’ve seen every type of damage, and we repaired in a long way. We can replace, repair, or install a brand-new flat roof for you faster, more affordably, with a higher quality than any other contractor you can name. We can even make it relatively painless to convert a pitched roof into a flat roof, within reason. No other contractor can claim that.

Don’t hesitate, fill out our contact form or call us today for a no-obligation assessment. We’ll tell you all about the ins and outs of flat roofs, and give you a very reasonable price on installing one for you, even if it involves majorly reshaping your existing roof.

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