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When the time comes to install a new roof, it can be a daunting task. Not only is it a costly affair, and something very disruptive to your daily life while it takes place, but you have to make some really big decisions. Chief among them is the material you want to go with. The type shingles or other roofing material you choose has lasting ramifications on your home. From aesthetics, resale value and curb appeal, to insurance, warranty, and durability, it’s a big choice.

What’s worse, there are a lot of different materials out there, such as asphalt shingles, ceramic tiles, cedar shake, metal, the list goes on indefinitely. It can feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, a relatively recent advance in tile design presents a real opportunity to go with a material that lasts quite some time, has excellent warranties behind it, and is very durable.

Consider fiberglass shingles.

Now, when you think about fiberglass, your mind instantly pictures some sort of plastic or glass-looking material. Actually, this is a new take on the traditional asphalt shingle type, taking advantage of fiberglass strand composites to strengthen them in ways old-fashioned asphalt shingles could not.

Types of Fiberglass Shingles

There are actually two types of fiberglass shingles, three-tab and architectural. Three-tab fiberglass shingles have the appearance of being three pieces. This is because of cutouts along the lower edge. It produces a unique, textured appearance that many regards as “timeless” or “classic”. It doesn’t look identical to traditional asphalt shingles, but it’s the closest thing.
Architectural fiberglass shingles are a bit different, producing a more contoured appearance. If you’ve ever seen a modern single roof that seems sleek and solid, it is most likely an architectural fiberglass shingle roof. These are laminated with extra asphalt along the bottom which reduces the appearance of seams and utilize a sealant bond throughout the various layers. This provides significantly increased waterproofing.

Advantages of Fiberglass Shingles

There are several significant advantages to fiberglass shingles, chief among them their affordability. They’re considerably more affordable by way of materials, and also installation and reduced need for protective measures to be put in place.

Furthermore, they last quite a while – (fiberglass shingle roof life expectancy) between 25 to 30 years, meaning that with regular maintenance and caretaking, you won’t likely need significant repairs or replacement for a very long time.

Fiberglass shingles also come in a much wider variety of colors than asphalt or other shingle types, which provides a lot of aesthetic variety that didn’t use to be possible. This means that you can actually achieve a lot more creativity and self-expression with your home that dew other roofing materials can actually permit.

Finally, being light-weight and durable, the gradual degradation of roof infrastructure (which the weight of asphalt shingles can cause) is greatly reduced in the long run. While not indestructible, these shingles are pretty tough and long-lived, compared to asphalt shingles.

Are Fiberglass Shingles Right for You?

This all really comes down to climate, believe it or not. Fiberglass shingles are durable on a regular scale, but they can be susceptible to prolonged heat or extreme cold. This means that areas like deserts or mountainous areas may put these shingles to the test, compared to asphalt shingles.

These extremes can cause gradual, small cracks to form, and once they do, the continued agitation from the extremes can worsen it at an exponential rate. However, with regular maintenance and inspections, this isn’t guaranteed to happen. A yearly inspection by a top-notch roofing contractor would be more than sufficient to keep your fiberglass shingle roof performing admirably.

Why Choose JDT Construction

Here at JDT Construction, we have decades of experience with just about every type of roof you can imagine. We can install a brand new fiberglass roof for you at a price that you can be happy with, at a quality that cannot be matched.

We understand that roof installation, like any major construction project, is very disruptive to your daily life. With that in mind, we work as quickly as we can without forsaking our strict quality standards. When we’re done, you’ll have a roof your neighbors will envy, without having gone bankrupt to do it.

Do you need a new roof? Do you think fiberglass shingles sound like a nice choice for you? If so, what’re you waiting for? Fill out our contact form or call us today. We’ll arrange a zero-obligation assessment of your home, and provide you with a quote you’ll be quite satisfied with.

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