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Choosing a material for your roof is a big decision. Every material has its strengths and weaknesses, and of course, each one makes its own unique aesthetic impression. Your roof is a very important part of your house, protecting you from the elements, and keeping your climate control contained.

Tab depending on your area, the material you choose can have a significant effect on how well insulated you are, and how much maintenance you have to perform to keep up with the ravages of mother nature. So, it’s a big decision, like any other decision regarding your roof.

A badly damaged roof can result in a significantly decreased resale value, horrible curb appeal, and even your house being condemned if it doesn’t comply to code. Roof damage is insidious, and will spread to other parts of your house is water damage creeps in, and mold runs rampant. So, you take your roof very seriously, as any sensible homeowner should.

This is why you want the best roofing contractor around, one who really understands the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages, and practical science of whatever material you choose. We at JDT Construction have this level of intimate knowledge when it comes to just about every type of roofing material out there.

While there are other contractors that can make this claim about certain materials, there aren’t a lot of them that understand cedar shake roofing the way we do.

Cedar shake roofing dates back hundreds of years, being a common sight on old colonial homes, especially landmarks where original materials are required. On top of being very practical, they have a unique aesthetic that many describe as homey, warm and inviting.
If you’re considering cedar shake roofing, then you need look no further than JDT Construction – we know everything there is to know about this material, and some of the things we can tell you about it might just surprise you, even if you’ve been doing your research the way you should.

Why Choose Cedar Shake Roofs

Cedar is a very environmentally friendly material. Contrary to what a lot of people may claim, the use of wooden construction does not severely deplete the world’s forests at this point. There are dedicated farms for growing various types of lumber trees, cedar included. When one of these trees is removed, another is immediately planted to replace it. Therefore, this renewable resource doesn’t adversely affect the environment in any conceivable way.

On top of that, it’s a surprisingly affordable material, which wasn’t always the case. This roof style fell out of popularity for many years, due in part to the fact that severe control of the lumber industry limited the availability of it for many decades before modern tree farming practices were perfected. The reduced demand for cedar shakes, despite its gradual return to popularity recently, makes it far more affordable than it once was.

If you want an affordable, environmentally sound roof that looks beautiful and timeless, cedar shake is a good choice for you.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roof Construction

Cedar shake is a surprisingly lightweight material, which gives it a lot of bounce back when it comes to hail impact, or weight from snow accumulation. It’s also an excellent insulator, and very resistant to UV, especially with the modern coating process used on most exterior wood.

Not just any contractor can handle this material properly, but to a properly skilled, experienced roofer, it’s surprisingly easy and quick to install. The biggest advantage, though, is the long lifespan of this material, lasting half a century or more. Combined with corrosion resistant fasteners in lieu of steel nails, you’re looking at a roof that’s not going anywhere for a long time.

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Options

If you already have a cedar shake roof and are looking to replace it due to age, this is probably one of the easiest projects for a skilled roofer to do. Cedar shake, being lightweight, doesn’t require additional wooden framing to the extent that something like asphalt, clay, slate or the like do.

If you’re converting your roof from another material, you’re still looking at a reduced amount of time to get it done. No additional framing is usually necessary, and the material being removed is usually more of a hassle than the material being put in place. Basically, you’re shedding weight by converting from any other material to cedar shake.

Due to it taking so much less time, and the material being affordable, replacing a cedar shake roof is a lot less of the financial hassle than some other materials out there. Most contractors would find excuses to make this a lengthy, expensive process. At JDT Construction, we don’t believe in that sort of nonsense, and our technicians have such an extensive understanding of cedar shake that replacing it is of absolutely no difficulty nor challenge to them.

Contact Us for Your Cedar Shake Roof Needs

Does cedar shake sound like an appealing choice? Given how affordable, durable and practical this material is, that’s no surprise. But, don’t let just any contractor handle this. While to a skilled contractor, this is not a difficult material to work with, an inexperienced contractor can encounter untold disasters when working with any type of wooden roof.

We have decades of experience, and we understand the difficulties, and challenges involved improperly installing cedar shake. We understand that the weakest link in this chain is actually the fastenings, and that’s why we won’t settle for anything but the best corrosion resistant components to keep the cedar shake pieces in place.

We understand that roof replacement or installation is a very disruptive thing if you’re trying to live in the house at the time. With that in mind, we focus on installing a roof as quickly as we can without compromising our standards for quality and care. Given how experience we are with cedar shake, you can count on this being a very quick, painless process, and you can count on the price being pretty painless too. That’s the JDT promise, and we live by.

Don’t hesitate, contact us today by filling out our contact form or giving us a call. We’re happy to share everything we know about cedar shake roofs and believe us, that’s a lot. We’ll give you a zero obligation assessment, and before you know it, you’ll have that beautiful Cedar roof you’ve always wanted.

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