At JDT Construction, we feel that people, unfortunately, don’t give their windows as much thought as they really should. Sure, people are aware of their windows, they do take steps to keep them clean (a cliché joke has evolved in our society over this being tedious), people whom like natural light appreciate big, luminous windows.

But people often underestimate just how much of an impact windows can have, and the perils of aging, neglected or poorly-chosen windows. Your windows, like other parts of your home, can have a major impact on your home’s resale value, its curb appeal, and even more so, insurance concerns.

A window’s quality isn’t just judged by its appearance or ability to allow light into your home. There are countless other concerns, such as its safety and security, its energy efficiency, its durability and much more.

Choosing your windows is actually a big decision to make, and you may find yourself not entirely sure what to ask during a consultation with us. This can result in important things being missed, or people being afraid to ask questions they may worry are “dumb”. The truth is, the only dumb question is a question you don’t take the initiative to ask.

However, at JDT, we do believe that information is important and that our customers being as informed as possible is a goal worth aiming for at all times. In the spirit of this, we’d like to point out five major things you should ask when getting a window consultation, and why they matter so much.

Window Type/Operation

There are a myriad of window types, and they don’t all work the same way. Some tilt/turn (sash windows), some slid, some are on hinges. If you’re not entirely sure how to operate the window safely and properly, you run the risk of damaging the windows or even injuring yourself.

In an emergency (which we’ll address more in a moment), inability to properly operate windows during an evacuation can be a life or death issue. Improper closing and locking of windows can allow intruders easy entry, or let pests in as well.

Window Finishes

Unless you’re building new walls or a whole new home, you probably already have completed facades and finishes around your existing windows. Planning around minimal damage or remediation of these will save you a lot of money, and if these finishes are in good condition, can spare the risk of new finishes having blemishes and flaws in them.

If you’re okay with replacing these finishes, that does open up a lot more choice in what sort of windows you can install, as the type of finish is determined by said type.

Egress (Evacuation) Windows

While many windows can be exited by people small enough to fit through them, not all windows are designed for this, such as many types of sash or slat windows on the market. Many city and state ordinances require at least some of the windows in a home to be proper egress windows for quick, safe evacuation.

You may find yourself unable to get to a door due to a fire cutting you off, or an intruder being between you and this window. Thus, you need to talk to your contractor about these windows, the best place to put them, and the proper operation of them.

Ask them to recount incidents they know of, where egress windows have been needed, and the pitfalls that may come with them, so you know how to safely avoid problems, and safely use them.

Contractor Planning

When working on a large renovation, or a construction project from the ground up, you’re going to have multiple contractors working on this project. They may all be sourced from a main service provider, or they may not, depending on how you’ve arranged things.

This is a case of making sure the left-hand knows what the right is doing. Be sure that plans regarding windows are in line with the solutions provided by other contractors, that a proper, unified result can come about.

Communication is very critical in situations like this, so being sure to take notes and make sure proper exchanges are handled between different professional services during your project is something you can’t treat as an afterthought.

Hidden Fees

At JDT Construction, we strive to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t actually happen, but hidden fees aren’t necessarily underhanded tactics. In many cases, these fees can be accidentally less than obvious, at least to those who don’t know what they’re looking for. We believe in being as obvious and transparent as possible in regards to this, but it definitely helps to pointedly ask about this when an estimate is offered, and a potential project laid out.

Hidden fees can take the form of labor overhead, materials, insurance costs and so on. When choosing your contractor, watch out for “tear off fees”, which many contractors will work onto an estimate or bid. These can artificially increase net profit, while the “base profit” price looks artificially smaller.

JDT Construction

At JDT, as we said, we don’t believe in hidden fees, and we’re all about being informative and completely transparent from start to finish. We’ve been installing windows (among many other things) for years, and we strive to meet not just association standards and building code requirements, but a much higher level of quality.

This level of quality has earned us a reputation and the respect of leading brands of windows, roofing materials, siding manufacturers and so on. We strive to complete the project quickly, but without sacrificing safety and integrity.

Windows are a big decision, and there are a lot of things to consider. These are just some of the important things you should ask, and with JDT Construction, you know we’ll be honest and forthright. Don’t learn a painful lesson by choosing a fly-by-night contractor, or cutting corners with cheap, outdated window designs. Fill out our contact form or call us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Remember to ask us these questions and more!