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Here at JDT, we’re in the habit of reminding homeowners how important any particular part of their home is. The problem is that it’s easy to underestimate the significance of different parts of a home, including the decorative aspects.

Everything in a home, even if it’s just for beauty, matters because a home’s appeal is every bit as important as its technical habitability and structural integrity.

Too many people undervalue windows. Yes, those concerned with windows at all value their ability to bring in light, and to let in the fresh air. But they don’t realize just how much science and effort go into window design. It’s a big deal when you break down the many facets of a window and the obstacles it must overcome.

This is why we only recommend the best brands of windows for your home, such as Andersen. Andersen is a very, very respected manufacturer in this industry, and they’re not fast and loose with whom they’ll work with. We’re proud to offer Andersen windows here at JDT, we’d like to take a moment to tell you why these windows not only improve your living space but increase the value of your home as an investment.

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What are Andersen Windows?

A window is a window, right? Wrong. Windows face a lot of obstacles like we said. So, designing a good window involves a lot of science, from thermodynamics and structural engineering, all the way to material sciences and manufacturing concepts. Glass is a fickle material, to begin with, and throughout history, windows have always been a weakness in a home’s armor.

Andersen, however, incorporates modern innovations and knowledge into window designs that are tougher, longer lasting, more attractive, and above all, more energy efficient. Anderson has a reputation for quality, and they’ve earned that reputation completely.

Why Choose Andersen Windows?

Your home is an investment. It really is, even if you plan to never sell your home, it’s your “forever house”, it’s still an investment, just one someone may inherit. Like any investment, you want to make decisions that increase the value, rather than maintain status quo or, heaven forbid, devalue things. This is why skimping on really anything with a house is a bad idea. It’s good to be price smart, but being cheap will bite you in the posterior before it’s all over.

Andersen windows are both price smart and of excellent quality. They will improve your home’s resale value and curb appeal, both of which matter greatly. Renovations in a home’s history can have one or two effects on its immediate impression with buyers – renovations to add better quality materials are positive, and tell them that the previous owner cared, and the house has been in good hands all this time.

Andersen Window Benefits

So, what is it about Andersen windows that make them so sought-after and such a powerful investment? Well, it comes down to three big aspects. The first is their ability to combat a big problem glass tends to have.

Glass is transparent, that means it lets energetic particles pass through it. Heat is carried by energetic particles, and exchange of energy through contact. Glass, therefore, likes to let heat pass through it. Windows are usually either frigid or cold, opposing when your house is heated or air-conditioned. This is a direct result of this heat exchange.

Andersen windows abate this as much as physics will allow, using double panes and argon insulation.

The other big contributing factor is their overall durability and attractiveness. Andersen can make rooms beautiful, with stunning views.

Andersen Window Types

Let’s take a brief moment to look at some of their signature products.

  • E-Series – The E-series offers an organic interior wooden look while providing durable aluminum for a seamless exterior.
  • A-Series – Enjoy an organic wood interior with a modern, enduring composite exterior.
  • 400 Series – Vinyl to match the modern siding, with that beautiful wood interior.
  • 200 Series – An affordable take on the 400 series, the reduction mainly being warranty.
  • 100 Series – Timeless, modern composite.

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