Roof repairs and replacements aren’t something that you, as a homeowner, are eager to discover the necessity of when it comes to your home. We understand that, because it’s not cheap, and living around a construction site while trying to go about your daily routine is not something that most of us are prepared, nor eager to do.

Unfortunately, roofs just don’t last forever, and eventually, they need replacement, or at the very least, some significant repairs. Around here, we prefer to repair roofs instead of replacing them when at all possible, because it is less expensive, it takes less time, and it’s overall just a better option if your roof is young enough, and the damage is superficial enough.

However, when we say superficial damage, we mean trivial enough that the roof doesn’t need replacement. There are quite a number of things that can come from a damaged roof that can be quite catastrophic, both to your structure, your safety, and ultimately, to your pocketbook as well.

Today we’re going to look at some of the problems that can happen, and exactly why you should be repairing your roof regularly, and inspecting to be sure that these repairs are always safely in place. Some of this will be pretty obvious, but we suspect that one or two of these points might surprise you in just how strong a consequence they can have on your home.

When we talk about the importance of your roof, and just how dire consequences can be, that says something, because we have decades of experience working with roofs, and we know it like the science it truly is. Don’t trust a second rate contractor when they tell you,” it’ll be fine”, because frankly, it won’t, not if you don’t do something about it!

Property Values

First, let’s talk about what tends to be mistaken as the most important thing, though we would say safety and health are far more significant concerns. Your roof will directly impact your financial situation in a multitude of ways. Your resale value is directly affected by the state of your roof, as the condition of your ceiling and roof, as well as the absence of water damage and pests, make an important first impression on potential buyers.

If your roof is in bad shape, or just exceptionally old, then this is going to cause your resale value to plummet, or you’ll just never sell the house. Think of it this way, would you buy a home for a significant sum that was leaky or stood a chance of developing serious problems? Your answer is no, and you can say the same for just about any other homeowner out there.

It’s worth noting that this could also cultivate some bad sentiments with neighbors, as the diminishing of your curb appeal will directly affect their curb appeal and property values as well. In some states, you could even be sued by your neighbors as a result of your property negligence, which will cost you a lot more in legal fees and reparations on top of having to repair your roof. Finally, it’s worth noting that the longer these repairs are left unattended, the more expensive they will be to handle.

Insurance is one of those things that we all wish we didn’t have to deal with, but know that we need for peace of mind. Your insurance premiums will skyrocket if your roof is in a bad state of disrepair, and a lot of damages to your possessions and internal structure will often not be covered by your insurance if it’s due to your own negligence.

It bears pointing out, though, that good homeowner’s insurance will often cover roof repairs if your roof is within an estimated lifespan, so while your insurance can be severely affected by a shoddy roof, it can also help you avoid the shoddy roof in the first place.


Your comfort in most parts of this country depends entirely on climate control in your home throughout most of the year. Heat and humidity can make it nasty inside, and without decent insulation and warmth, you can get really chilly in the winter.

Your roof is one of the most integral components of your home, keeping your climate control contained and the nasty climate outside from getting in your home. Not only will it become increasingly uncomfortable despite the best efforts of your heating and cooling, but you will also be hemorrhaging this conditioned air into the environment outside, which will drive up your electric bill by tremendous amounts. Even if you’re using oil or gas for heat, you’re going to burn through a whole lot of it in winter if your heat is leaking out of your roof.


Finally, we come to what we consider the most critical thing about roof repair. A roof in a state of severe disrepair fails to prevent the invasion of several things that can really ruin your life. One of these is infestations, such as termites, or even dangerous animals that can tear up your interior and be a legitimate health threat to you and your family.

The other, which we believe to be by far the worst of the bunch, is water damage. Water damage can cause your ceiling to degrade, your plaster to disintegrate, and your possessions to be utterly ruined. On top of this, nasty black molds will begin to grow, which can be toxic or even lethal to you, your loved ones, and your pets. These molds aren’t just nasty, they’re dangerous, and they often result in a home being condemned if not dealt with quickly.

As water damage gets increasingly worse, your roof’s decking will begin to buckle, and your house will inch closer and closer to collapsing in on itself, which can and will kill anyone that happens to be inside at the time.

Finances aside, heating and cooling concerns aside, you can’t gamble with your life or the lives of your family. No one should ever do that, and we’re here to help you prevent that from ever even being a consideration.

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